Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bye bye Laguna

This is my "R" reg laguna, my bessie mate. We are saying goodbye to it tomorrow as we have bought a new car under the scrappage scheme. It's such a shame really because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. We were going to give it to DS2 but £2000 is £2000 eh!
Oooh I feel quite sad now! Cleared it out this afternoon and found a bottle of water under the seat that had actually turned green !!!!!!!! Loads of CD's too which I had forgotten we had!!
I will introduce "Quaver" to you tomorrow!!

And now for something completely different!
I bought some sheep stamps for my friend Caroline's mum as a little pressie/surprise. I bought them from a friend who was selling some of her stamps. they are well used but Caroline's mum just loves sheep. I made her a card with one of them:
Isn't he just soooooooooooo cute. I coloured him in with distress inks !

Do us a favour folks don't tell Liz - it's a surprise!!!

Right off to do my nails now in readiness for tomorrow !

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Saturday, 27 February 2010

When is a red phone not a red phone......

..... when it's yellow.
I would like to show you my previous "red" phone. It's yellow I hear you cry. No it's not, it's red. Well it's red in my little world.
The reason for that is because last year I went out to buy a red phone, couldn't find one so bought this bright lemon yellow one. Hence why I think it's red. I was sooooooo disappointed cos I could find a red one so I just pretented this yellow one was red!!!! See - simples.....
THEN whilst waiting for Milla at Churchill Square (she'd been to the pics with her mum) last Friday, I thought I would pop into the vodafone shop and get a top up for my "red" phone. I don't have a contract cos £20 lasts me about three months!! Anyway I walked into the shop and this voice called "Burn, over here, Burn"! There staring me in the face was a red phone - a real red one this time. A proper red, not a yellow red, a proper red. Well I nearly fainted. I HAD to have it. Asked the young lady if I could purchase one, she went away and came back about 5 mins later and said they didn't have any in stock. Well, I stamped my feet, as only I can and threw a little wobbly. Get it on the interwebnet she said..... Can't wait to get home.

Finally got on the interwebnet on Sunday, ordered the phone and got it sent to the vodafone shop in The Mall and this arrived on Tuesday.
I can hear you all thinking it was going to be an all singing all dancing phone. Well it aint!! I don't want an all singing all dancing phone, I just want it to say hello and goodbye. It does take pics tho!!!! I have waited SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long for a red phone.
Can you tell I'm excited. Simple things please simple minds....
Anyway that's enough from me!
Best go and sort out the curtains for this boat...... Cut them out that's all so far.
Thanks for stopping by and listening to the ramblings of a happy red phone owner !!!
Burnice x

Friday, 26 February 2010

Fat pages

Over on the Lots To Do forum a little swap has been set for three fat pages, any theme. Here are mine:
Not sure about them but hey. On the back of them are little sayings. Forgot to photograph the backs.......... Never mind. My head is all over the place at the moment - keep forgetting things. As long as I don't forget how to craft I should be ok....

My friend Caroline and I were supposed to be going to The Craft Barn tomorrow to do a workshop but I got a call this evening to say it has been cancelled because Beatrice can't get a plane over from France because of the French Air Traffic Controllers are on strike. Shame they couldn't have gone on strike yesterday cos France is beating Wales at the moment 13-0 at rugby!!!!!!!!!

Went to BSL yesterday and practiced for our assessment next week. Our tutor said he had only ever had one fail at stage 101 so I said "meet the second one"! Note to self - practice in front of the mirror. I got absolutely bloomin' drenched going there after work. The rain was running down the road like a river. I know what some of your are thinking - didn't she get a brolly in her 25 day pressie thingy at christmas? She sure did but she didn't want to get it wet !!!!!!!!!

Right off to measure some fabric to make curtains for a boat - the one that featured in the tale of our weekend at Shepperton !!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Girly weekend!

Milla and I had a girly weekend. We did our nails in readiness for the theatre. Here are mine !!!

I did keep it on for a couple of hours and then toned it down a bit by taking it off !!!!! We did have a laugh. the white dots started out as little flowers but I think she got a bit "dot happy"!
I suggested she might like to "paint" some magnolias instead. I think you will agree she did a much better job!!!! I gave her a load of images I bought from ebay and gave her the copics and away she went.

The two on the pink cutting mat are for a "MUM" word book "we" made for her mum for mother's day. I forgot to photograph it !!! It was ever so good. I'll get Peter to photograph it later. I sent her some mats cut from the nesties and some flowers to put on the letters. We ran out of time!!! I also sent her some ribbon to tie on the rings.

We went to the Theatre to see Hairspray performed by the Brighton Theatre Group. It was absolutely fantastic. Linda's daughter, Katherine, was brilliant as Tracy Turnblad. In fact they were all brilliant. Course we get home at about 10.30pm and madam is "buzzing". Gone 11.00 before she finally settled down.

Well Tim's on QVC at 12.00pm tonight. Guess who'll be staying up to watch it..........

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

grungepaper flower !

Well that's what it was meant to be !!! I didn't have any silicone glue and used glossy accents so had to hold it for a while - hence the flattened middle. Also the leave on the right hand side is in the wrong place. Right that's the slagging off done with. I think I am quite pleased with it.
Suppose it's not bad for a first attempt! I used the stamp set from Artistic Stamper Stichels Dashy Dot. The flower is coloured with fired brick and the leaves peeled paint distress inks. I used some stickles (icicle - i think) but they were a bit holographic. Need to get some different ones (any excuse!). I also spritzed my fav gold glimmer mist but for the life of me can't remember the name. I keep forgetting what it's called. Just gone through my old posts and found the name of it "WALNUT GOLD".......
Was going to put some more stuff on but "picasa" is not working for me. The lappy toppy decided to have a bit of a hiccup on Saturday and DS1 sorted it for me but I don't seem to be able to edit in picasa. I might instal it again and see if that makes any difference.
Only 11 more sleeps until I get my emotion red machine with an in built sat nav !!!!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Burn x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

What did I buy........

My purchases!

Clockwise from left to right:
Millions (well a few anyway!) of brads all different shapes; template of a staircase; template of a sewing machine; stipple brushes for using my distress inks; five reels of DS tape and a book of pink rub ons. One of the items on this collage are a pressie for my mate Caroline....... Can you guess which one Caz?
Next bundle:
Swarovski crystals and charms; 6 glaze paints; THE NAIL KIT; grunge shapes; flowers.
Typical me - I have a fabulous nail art kit then I go and break a nail right down at the skin bit. Bent it back making the bed!!!! Nearly cried...... Did swear tho'!
Just checking my lotto - 22-nah; 12-nah; 3-nah; 29-nah; 17-nah; 15-nah - bonus 5 - oh pooh - not one !
Right best go and wish Hilda a happy birthday.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burn x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Been to the Brighton Centre..

Went to the Creative Stitches thingy at the Brighton Centre today with my friend Freda and her cousin, Midge. Bought one or two bits!!!!!

I had my nails done kinda with this nail art stuff:

See, doesn't it look cool. I had the corresponding nail on my right hand done the same. Course I had to buy the "kit" for Milla!!! Bargain at £20. I'll take a pic tomorrow of all me goodies.

Just before we left we decided to have a cuppa in the foyer cafe thingy and as we were chilling out I spot one of my bessie mates, Linda, whom I have known for nigh on 20 years. We do have a laugh!!! Her daughter is appearing in "Hairspray" at Roedean School and Milla is a massive huge fan of Hairspray and of Katherine (they are both in the same drama group (I think)). Anyway as we were sitting having our cuppa I spot the advertising banner for Hairspray. We go over and have a look and decided to take some "publicity" shots to show Katherine:

That's Linda on the left and me on the right and the lovely Katherine as Tracey!! We did laugh. I bought Milla and I tickets to go and see the production. Really looking forward to it. Katherine is a little gem.

Right need to go to the little girls room, so will say goodnight to my forum buddies and see you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More birthday pressies!

My friend Caroline came over on Sunday to make a word book and she brought me this lovely cushion to go in the cabin on the "not Wine sofa". A late birthday pressie. Isn't it just fab? Perfect match. Thanks Caroline...

I made these two cards tonight for someone at work. The remit was "an Irish style thank you card". Didn't have any Irish stamps so went for the green! Not too keen but not to worry. Hopefully Lucy will like them! The green is a lot brighter IRL but took the photos in the cabin under the bright light!

I also made a birthday card for a forum buddy, but can't show that!!!!

Got a bit of a headache and earache tonight so will be off now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Burnice x

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Build a Rose

Hi - I made this card for one of our receptionists at work for her birthday. I bought the stamp at The Glitter Pot. It's a papermania stamp and £2 goes to cancer research. It's not a very good but not bad for my first attempt. I stamped the component parts onto 300gsm watercolour paper and coloured it with distress inks - tattered rose, aged mahogany, frayed burlap and peeled paint. I think it could have done with another one of the big double petals. Still I'll know next time. The paper is from 7 Gypsies - Victoria.
We have two receptionists in our office and they both have birthday's today. How wierd is that. Now Michaela (whose boyfriend is in my side bar - Lance!) had the day off so I gave her her card and little pressie yesterday. I am absolutely sure I took a photo of it but do you think I can find it. Course I can't. Anyway I will have to get it back and photgraph it again. You are going to love it !!!!

I was going up the cabin tonight to make another word book - Isabela - but haven't got an "S" yet so will have to do it later. Needed a rest from up there anyway, Linda!!!!

Oh pooh, just spotted a broken nail - I hate breaking my nails......

Right off to fix it - the nail that is.

thanks for stopping by

Burnice x

Monday, 1 February 2010

Japanese Art......

Just a quickie today. Been crafting lots. Here is a sneak preview of my swap for Lots to Do. The theme is distress. I had made a different one but then we got a list of the years board book swaps and decided to keep the first one for later on as it was more appropriate.
This is the cover :
This is one of the pages - I won't show anymore so as not to spoil it for my swapee!!!
I sat and cut out 69 of those flowers!!!! The book was originally "The Selfish Crocodile". I hope they like it........ I really like doing these.
I will show you tomorrow what I bought at Ardingly Quilt show..................
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x