Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Gone fishin'....

Here are a couple of cards I made. The jolly fisherman is for my friend Freda's husband. He goes fishing every weekend - but not this one - it's his birthday on saturday........
I did take two of the fishes off in the end cos I though it was too much. I just left the one by the worm. I coloured the jolly fisherman with distress inks. Just noticed I didn't colour the handle. Still never mind eh!

This next one is for a work colleague's granddaughter. She likes pink! she does have dark brown hair but again, never mind eh! The little image is a decoupage fairy which I made up ages ago sitting in front of the tele. I put some stardust stickles on her wings. Knew it would come in useful!!!
Here is a close up of the little darling! Not very good pics I'm afraid .

Still not a well bunny. Cold coming out now and I keep going to sneeze and nothing happening making the eyes water - not a pretty sight I can tell you.
Off to make a hotwater bottle now (well not make one from scratch - but fill one!) and then I am off to bed.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

One or two purchases!

Thought I would get the rest of the distress inks. I have 30 and as there are only 36(!) I just had to have the rest. The only one missing now is weathered wood !! Got these from Country View Crafts. They are only £3.99 each. Bargain. They didn't have weathered wood!
I get a scrapbook kit from Sarah's Cards every month and I got an email to say she was offering a £75 grap bag/pizza box for £25. Burn went for it and this is what I got:
Not a bad selection eh! There are only one or two bits I might not use but you never know. BTW the scrapbook kits are fabulous.
I have also bought some Tim Holtz stamps but forgot to photograph them.
I have been very naughty this month and spent quite a lot of money on craft stuff so am now going to have to stop! Told Caroline that and she said "yeah yeah, whatever!"
Before I did stop, however, I bought Milla a top and leg ins set and cardigan from M&S as she is off to Thailand this Thursday and I thought she might like them to travel in. She was delighted with them - phew!!! Here she is modelling said top, leg ins and cardy.....
I am pleased to report that I have finished the 12 little curtains for the boat. Hopefully they will be fine as Burnice is still not feeling very well. If I have sneezed once I've sneezed a hundred times. Got a headache too.
Right, best go now and do the ironing.
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Burnice x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

It could only happen to me !

Burn decided to treat herself to some distress powders. I found this little ebay shop that was selling them for $4.49. That'll do for me tommy, said Burn. Well it takes her about 2 weeks to decide which ones to have. Finally she makes up her mind and goes for it. Burnice asked the lovely lady if she bought 10 what would the p&p be. The lovely lady at Monkey House emailed back and said if she bought 15 they would all go in a flat pack thingy at the same P&P. Well, Burn thinks this is a good deal so she orders 15, pays for them and sits back and waits.

Then Burn gets an email from the lovely lady at Monkey House full of apology saying there was no vintage photo and apologised profusely for the mix up. No problem said Burn, I'll have weathered wood instead. Then the lovely lady from Monkey house comes back and said she had found the vintage photo. Yay said Burn. Jenny (that's the lovely lady from Monkey House) apologised again and said she isn't always this daffy. Don't you worry about that Jenny, Burn does daffy.

Jenny and Burn strike up a mini conversation and she tells me she is setting up a website. It's linked under Monkey House. It is in its very early stages but things get added all the time.

You guys just pop over and see the lovely Jenny's website. Lovely lady......

Anyway here is a pic of the lovely distress powders. Can't wait to get distressing with them.

Isn't Worn Lipstick the most gorgeous pink?

I have actually been on a massive spending spree this month. I will blog some more purchases tomorrow.

Burnice is feeling very very poorly at the moment. I think I have this flu bug thingy. I have no energy, feel very week, have a filthy headache, earache, sore throat and my fact is burning although I am cold.

I have to keep telling myself that I can't be sick cos I have 12 little curtains to make for a boat. I have to have them done by Monday. HELP !!!!!

Okay folks best go cos my dinner is almost done -not that I feel like any but will give it a go.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dave's first long trip

Dave took Caroline and I to the Demo Weekend at Crafts U Love . Dave did very well - took a couple of wrong turnings but his built in sat nav did the job. (Have I told you that Dave has built in sat nav!!!!!) We picked Caroline up at the station and off we went. We had a fab time (but Dave got a bit wet cos we couldn't take him in with us!) This is some of the stuff I bought. Couldn't just buy a couple of the new distress inks could I, noooooooooo, I had to have the lot!!!

There was a big box of paper and you got 20 sheets for £5.99. So Caroline and I got 10 sheets each. There were some magnolia DP in the box so couldn't resist and some other sheets.

Then we went along to the village hall to do a copic colouring class. this is the image. I had to have him !!! He is sooooo cute. Ooops looks like I forgot to photograph that little purchase !
Then we had a sarny (thanks Susie Q) and waited for our next class. This was with the fabulous Charry Wijers. She is such a lovely lady. We did an 8x8 scrapbook page with a "waterfall" mechanism on it. I am on the left and Caroline is on the right. The finished article (without the photo) is mine which I finished when I got home. The papers are really pretty.And lastly this is the wonder Charry herself with her finished piece.
She really was that smiley all the way through.
We headed back to to shop where the aforesaid purchases were made. We met the lovely Tracy in the shop and she nearly squeezed the life out of me. I haven't seen her since about October/November last year. She's lovely too.
Anyway I think I have babbled enough. Can't wait til I open my new inks!!!!
Thanks for stopping by
Burnice x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day .....

...... what's left of it. I did my bit by using my "Nail Art" kit and painted a shamrock on my nail!! I did this with 20 mins to go to catch my bus this morning ! Not bad eh?
I altered a CD yesterday. I think it was a copy of Pirates of The Caribbean (not a proper one I might add - a pirate one - oooh Burnice that was awful!!!!). I made this for one of the young girls who goes to my BSL class. She was 18 last Friday. I shall be giving it to her tomorrow.

Short post tonight because Burn is very tired. Working too hard and not playing hard enough I expect.
Well thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Monday, 15 March 2010

A couple of swaps !

Over on the Lots To Do forum we do a board book swap. The theme for this one was "blue" - think I got that bit right!!!!!! I hope my recipient likes it. I could have sold it 10 times! In fact I nearly kept it myself and did another one .................... Off to start the next one now!

We are also doing an ATC swap using this technique. It is using PVA glue and alcohol inks. I must admit I did have two goes at it and am still not quite sure but they are done now.

Lets hope my swapees like these too.
Right must go now cos I have been handed the fabric today to make the curtains for Mr Gordon's boat. My sample one was just dandy! Now where did I put my rotary cutter.....
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Friday, 5 March 2010

BSL Assessment

Well it happened yesterday evening. I went first, cos I knew if I hang around too long I would get soooo nervous I would probably have been sick!!! So in I go. sit in front of the camera and away we go. Get through the "hellos" and then Paul asked me my name and I fingerspelt it wrong !!!! That was only 30 seconds in!!!! Still got over that and then it went very smoothly indeed - I think! Next one in May. Then we have to hold a five minute conversation on our chosen subject!

I have put in the side bar a fabulous giveaway from The Stamp Man.

I think these new colours are fantastic. will have to get them all (assuming I don't win!) cos I just can't make up my mind......

Just watched yesterdays "Five Days". Really liking this. Last one in five minutes so see you tomorrow folks.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Meet Dave !

After a tearful fairwell to my Laguna I would like to introduce you to Dave. He's called Dave because it's St David's Day. My brother calls it "Quaver" short for "Semi-quaver" because it's a Nissan Note. My end up calling it quaver, don't know yet.
It drives like a dream, the steering is so whatchacallit that I have to be careful cos we nearly went back the way we came when I turned a corner !!!!! It's a bit of a darker red that the pic but the sun was shining soooooooooo much! Just have to be careful I don't put my new phone on the roof cos I might not see it !!!!!

Actually looking at the pic it looks like there is a massive dent down the side - but there aint I can assure you.

Well that's enough showing off now - sorry but I have never had a brand new car before or a red phone ! Burnice you are sooooo shallow.

BTW Caroline if you are reading this, did I tell you it has in built sat nav!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for stopping by peeps.

Burnice x