Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I am starting this post with a Happy New Year greeting as I have promised myself I will blog each day as this is the year I turn 60 and thought I might document it!!!!!   Well we'll see (Sam - fingers crossed!)
Saw the new year in with Gary Barlow and a glass of champagne.  Ron was around somewhere!!!   Fireworks in London were quite spectacular.
It's lashing down with rain today and very very windy.   Tree still standing tho!
Milla and Peter came up for dinner (along with Milla's friend Dulcie.)  We had a slow roasted joint of pork.   I  had to clear my dining table of all the chrissy making stuff but it needed doing!   It was delicious.   We three girls went through a bottle of Schloer!
We gave Milla her birthday presents in a massive box which two bicycle wheels came in.   She took it all in good heart!  Her dad thought it was a bit mean!   

ADVENT:  Day 25 - A fabulous dish in the shape of a christmas tree which looks knitted.   It's gorgeous.
This was a sad day indeed - no more pressies from Tasha!    I have thoroughly enjoyed these last 25 mornings!    Still it was Christmas day and the sun was shining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to Peter and Kris's for lunch where Kris's girlfriend cooked our meal.    It was delicious.   Never had poached turkey before but will be having it again that's for sure.    We didn't have sprouts this year (they were left in the fridge!).     We also had roast ham and roast beef (rarishly done!).     Went to the pub for an hour or so - like yer do.    Julia's mum and dad were supposed to be coming from Folkstone but unfortunately her mum was ill.   Mind you both the boys were coughing and spluttering all day.    They all fell asleep except me!     We did have a lovely day.
I had some fab pressies from Peter and Milla.    Two baking trays from Lakeland and a box of colouring pastes.   They were for 12 mini loaves and 12 individual tray bakes.  I was over the moon.  Thanks guys.   I'm easy pleased!

My laptop won't let me download my photo's.   A weeny bit annoyed!
Back to work tomorrow.   
Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.


Linda said...

love the dish! Happy New Year to you and yours:)

sam21ski said...

Great pot

Happy New Year to you and your and all the very best for 2014

Sam xxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Looking forward to your 2014 blog posts.

sam21ski said...

Well that didn't last long did it, it's only the 3rd and you've failed already - lol


Sam xxx