Monday, 1 July 2013

Crocheted Cushions....

I have been crocheting again.  Really must stop it's very addictive.    I have also made some cards but can't put them on until recipient has received!
Anyway thought you might like to see my "garden cushion".  I am well impressed.   It's from a pattern which was in "Simply Crochet" Issue 5 and designed by Nicki Trench.   I just love it.    
I think I feel another one coming on.    Will probably do the same colours but in different order (if that makes sense!)

I also made this one (a while back I must admit) but have only just got round to taking a pic of it.    I made one for my craft buddy, Linda, in dark green and taupe for her birthday.   I have also made two mini ones for dolls!   These are do-able on the bus, although at the moment I am crocheting coasters on the bus!!!

Well that's me done for showing off today.  Be back with some paper crafting soon.

Enjoy the sun.
Burnice x