Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Here she is - all pleased with herself !!!! She and six friends are off to pizza express this evening and then back to hers for a sleepover ! God help her parents that's all I can say!
I made this card (along with six others) in the cabin yesterday. Bit blurred - sorry - but it's gone in the post now. I used a piece of metal and stamped one of my new stamps from Magenta and embossed it. I then coloured it in with me copics.
Close up of the metal piece.
Quite pleased with the result.
Just taken delivery of some distress stickles from The Glitter Pot and some more (like I need them) Sprites Flowers.
I now have t'internet in the cabin. I couldn't use me lappy toppy up there cos the wireless signal wouldn't go that far. Peter bought us a plug in connection thingy and it works a treat now. Quite speedy too. Never get any work done in there now!
Been and bought a lappy toppy mouse so Ron can use the lap top. Tried to instal a wireless one yesterday and everything went pear shaped. Had to reinstall system. Still got an ASDA one for £5, plugged it in and away we go! We have two main computers in the house and both of them had their switches go within a day of each other. He can't use the touch pad mouse cos he is a bit heavy handed.
Right off I go now, cos I have been brought a cuppa.
Have a good rest of day folks.
Burnice x

Monday, 28 December 2009

Busy day in the cabin......

Hi folks, Milla and I have had a very busy day crafting today. We got in there at about 9.00 this morning and came out at 4.30 when her daddy came to fetch her. We/she made these place cards for her birthday day on Wednesday.
We also made three birthday cards, did a lot of copic colouring in (about 5 magnolia girlies, a table and a swing). We did have words whilst chosing the paper for the cards cos we were both tired but I forgave her!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a lovely day together.

I am absolutely knackered now and it's only 9.30pm. I have knitted a slice of carrot cake this evening and just have the "icing" to do and put it together. I'll take a pic when it's done.

Right, best get on with me knitting.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Day 25 - I asked Dad to make you this... I hope you like it....

..... just twist. As I have said before Lesley's dad does wood turning. What could this be I think to myself. Had a feeling I knew what it was cos Lesley has one too and when I picked it up to use she said "just twist it"...... here it is:

Isn't that great? It is soooooo tactile. Doesn't help me solve crossword puzzles any quicker or better but still can't have it all, eh? Thank you sooooo much Lesley for all my little pressies. I have to say I have really enjoyed opening one every day and am very proud of myself that I didn't peek at any. I truly did open one a day!!!!

Thought I would just share with you the little bundle of goodies I got from Kris's girlfriend who came over from Miami for Christmas.

Emma and Linda note the Fiskars punch - the one that I thought was from Stampin' Up!!!! The paper pad is K & Co Que Sera Sera. Got very itchy fingers now - can't wait to up to the cabin tomorrow. Having a day off today!

Ron is going to pay for me to go on another "crafty weekend". Cool eh? Trouble is I have to try and decide which one to go on now. I thoroughly enjoyed the PaperArtsy/LB Crafts one but don't know whether to go in May or wait until October'sh (assuming they are doing one then!).

I had a few crafty pressies. I got a set of Atyou Spica pigment marker. There are 12 fabulous glisteny colours. They were from my friend Caroline and with it was a bottle of Cosmic Shimmer Mist in Aqua Lagoon. Beautiful bright blue. I also got a Supa dupa tab punch - it's mega!

My friend Freda gave me a fabulous black and white tin of a vintage lady sewing. Inside were three pieces of moda fabric in terracottas and creams from the Astor Manor range by 3 Sisters. In the tin also was a lovely pink suedette wallet with pins, needles and a pair of scissors in it.

My boys bought me a gorgeous leather bag in a dusky navy blue. It's a bit like a shopping bag it's so big. It's really gorgeous. Very pleased mummy!

Right probably bored you all ridged now so best go and see to the dinner. Piece of pork slow cooking. mmmmmmm!

Thanks for stopping by.

Oooh almost forgot - I received a beautiful book of Angels in my secret santa over at Lots to Do. I have a feeling I know who it's from - check these out - it's the same shape as the little books. I also got one of the little hangy things too. Thanks a million Sam!!!

Love from Burnice x

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Day 24 - A pretty way to keep your jewelery

I guessed right but was not expecting this fabulous jewelery roll. It's a silky fabric - I just love that stuff !!!
It's it divine. the colours are very ice creamy. Thank you soooo much Lesley. Last one tomorrow - I won't know what to blog about after tomorrow!!!!!

I finally put my tree up! It's looking a bit more festive in the lounge now. Especially with all the cards up too.

The dining room table has a christmassy cloth on and a candle table centre so that's not too bad either.

Well it's a short one tonight cos I am just about pooped.

I would like to wish all my fellow bloggers a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year and to thank you all for popping in to have a peek at me, the nutter. I have very much enjoyed blogland so again thank you and y'all have a fab day tomorrow.

Will do a quick blog tomorrow to show you day 25 just in case any of you die of curiosity!!!

Love Burnice x

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Day 23 - A friend is importing these from Chile.....

.... hope you like these. No guessing this morning. Didn't know where to begin, so I dived in and bloomin' 'eck look wot I got:
Aren't they just fabulous. Course him that was in bed said in his own inimitable way - look like spaghetti. Told him he was a plonker and that it was bamboo so he said "you've been bamboozled then"! God he is soooo funny - huh! Anyway back to the pressie - they are fantastic. Thank you so much Lesley.

Done all me shopping now - wot's forgotten will stay forgotten. Actually I lied - I have one more and that's Kris's girlfriend - have said we will go shopping after crimble. Just got to get the tree up now. Will do that tomorrow.

Right, curry's done - thanks for looking.

Love Burnice (cough cough - urgghhh it's giving me a headache now)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day 22 - I asked Si to bring this back from Hong Kong.......

..... he brought me one last year and thought you could add to your collection. The lady at number 73 then got all excited cos she thinks she guessed. Boy was she right. Have a look at this:
It's a beautiful silk scarf the size of a pashmena. Now if you know me well you will know that I have your commonal garden pashmena scarf thingies in every conceivable colour, even some light and dark shades of the same colour! I have one to go with everything I wear - hence the comment about "collection". I would count them but am too scared. Thank you sooooo much Lesley (and Si) it is absolutely adorable. Oh and the colour is a smokey purply grey.
When I got home from work yesterday the AVON lady had called with me bits. Just look at these - couldn't resist them. These are my snuggly boots. I had them on very early this morning, in fact from 12.15am to 2.10am. I couldn't sleep and they were just right for toasty toes. Aren't they scrummy? The furry lining goes right down to the toe bit. Not bad for £7.50 eh! You can have them rolled down or left. Still haven't made up my mind as you can see !!!

Invalid in carer's bad books. She got home from work - later than normal cos she went perfume shopping - and he was slouched on the sofa. When she asked him what was wrong he said he ached a bit. Before she could dish out any sympathy he blew it by saying he had given the cabin one coat of stain. Well you can imagine what the carer said - something like this *&%$£*& !!! Still it's nearly christmas so I forgave him.

Right cuppa calling.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Monday, 21 December 2009

Day 21 - Picture this.....

Thought it might have been a photo frame but it was too squidgy! Couldn't think so I opened it and this is what I found:
A nice little album to put some summer pics of Milla in. Thanks Lesley.

Thought I might show you one of the designs for my Christmas cards. I have been very lax this year. Hardly made any - so if you haven't had one I do apologise profusely but I will make it up to you (no it's okay you won't get two next year!). Not sure how but I will. This one was sent to Ron's Aunt and Uncle. About four years ago I made over 100 cards and sent them to everyone I knew! One was sent to Pat and Frank. Never thought anything of it. I got a letter from Pat saying how moved she was with my card and how beautiful it was. Trouble was I could not for the life of me remember what the card was like. Consequently, every year since I have done my utmost to outdo myself. I was very pleased with this one I must say. This is actually one of my most used chrissy stamps. Hope you like it too.
I apologise for it's surroundings but I did crop it and put my text thingy in the corner but did it in picaso and couldn't remember how to get it in my "pictures". Never mind eh!
It rained this afternoon. Just thought I would share that with you.
DS2 has gone down to the Eden Project this morning! Now it's snowed!!!!! His girlfriend has come over from Miami so he took her down there for a surprise. Be an even bigger surprise if they can't get home eh!!!!!
Right best shoot off now - Emma coming soon to finish of album.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burn x

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Day 20 - One day I popped up to Dad's and....

.....he'd just finished making this and I thought you'd like it ... hope you do! That was the little clue on the back of the label. I had no idea. I then remembered Lesley's dad does a spot of wood turning and then I was excited. I ripped it open and this is what I found:
Isn't it fabulous. It is so smooth and tactile. Can't stop rubbing it. This is soooo going to go in my dining room. Thank Lesley's dad (and Lesley!), I love it.
I was doing some colouring in last night. Here is my workspace (the dining table cos it was cold in the cabin!):
This is a pic of my efforts:
I love my copics !!
Been visiting today, delivering chrissy pressies. Popped in to deliver some to Linda and stayed for a cuppa. Our other halves got into the swing and they sounded just like two grumpy old men. It was funny. Then popped over to Upper Beeding to visit Ron's mum. Stayed for another cuppa. Decided we had better go home as it was getting cold and we still had to get to Woodingdean via the Falmer Road which is very exposed and gets iced up quite quickly. We nearly didn't make it on the way to Linda's as cars were turning round but we decided to go to the brow of the hill to see if it was an accident in which case we would turn back but the reason for the "go very slow" was because cars and vans were trying to get up the hill and the ones going down weren't going anywhere until they made it !!!! We waited for a van but it didn't make it and just slid right back down again, turned round and went the other way!! While it was struggling and slipping back down a 4 x 4 discovery type car drove past us (quite fast considering) and overtook the bloke in the van. Smug 4 x 4 driver..............
Right best do some more making a mess before I upset anymore 4 x 4 drivers (I know - you're not all like that but this one had such a smug look on his face that I could have smacked it!).
Thanks for popping by.
Burn x

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Day 19 - Give me a home

Conversation this morning at 9.15 (when lady and man woke up!) went something like this:
Lady: Give me a home (walking into the bedroom with little pressie in hand)
Man: A donkey (eyes closed still and half asleep)
Lady: I hope she hasn't spent THAT much
Man: Oh you mean your little pressie
Lady: Tut!
Lady opens pressie and gives a little squeal (as little as this lady could, that is!)

Lady: Ooooh look - a sugar nellie
Man: a what?
Lady: Oh never mind - lady stomps off.

Anyway lady got over man being a willock and took a photo of said sugar nellie:
Meet Dexter. Isn't he just the cutest. Can't wait to get on and use Dexter.

Right - gotta go now cos man and lady are going to Asda. Man has foolishly taken a spade and scraped away snow from path and behind car. Man indoors now moaning cos his invalid place is hurting. Urghhhh lady not happy with man. Man making cup of tea now so lady best go and get dressed (what? - it's only 10.32!) and then drink tea man has made (ooh would that be a man made tea?) and then go to Asda. Might go visiting too - mind you all this is all assuming roads are okay. Should be - no snow last night.

I am in a doppy mood today - can you tell? Wonder how long it will last!

Have a great day folks

Speak later

Lady x

Friday, 18 December 2009

Day 18 - Twinkle Twinkle .......

..... little star shouts him! Huh said I, how predictable of you. It's glitter I said - feeling the little parcel - I thought it was some of those pee wee glitters - WRONG again. I don't think I have got one totally right yet! here it is:
I have been up in the cabin today and had a go with it. It's funky. It embosses white with glitter bits in it. Makes a bloomin' mess tho'. There is glitter everywhere.........

Woke up at 3.30 this morning for a pee and took a peek outside as it had been snowing quite heavily when we went to bed. Opened the lounge curtains and just as I did so a bloke walked past. It was so surreal but funny. There was absolutely no-one about or any cars except this bloke who walked past (in the middle of the road too cos it was thick snow) just as I opened the curtains..... Can you tell I thought it was funny !!!!!!!!!!!

Got up this morning - well woke up really with the phone ringing - panicked cos I thought it was still about 3.30/4.00 but noooooooooooooo it was Peter and the time was 7.35!!!!!!!!!! URGH. Told him I would be late for work now and he said "look out the window mum, don't think you are going anywhere!". Looked out the kitchen window and this is what faced me.
Sorry it's a bit blurred but I opened the kitchen door and I was in my jim jams and it was bloody freezing! It was snowing too............ Foot deep it was.

The chairs look like they are hugging each other don't they. I just love the way the snow has landed on the tables. Perfectly shaped snow on top.
It's gloriously sunny now tho. Going back up to the cabin. The blinds were open this morning and the sun had made it really warm and cosy. Still put the heater on tho'.
Right best get on with me crafting.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Day 17 - Just pretty....

I didn't even bother to ask him, who is lying on the sofa at the moment watching the footie, this morning what he thought my little pressie might be today! I wasn't in the mood for all the wittyand daft suggestions. So I opened it straight away and, look, such pretty little bits. There is a sheet of those polytheney type stickers of flowers and birds; a purple acetate bookmark with the same flowers and birdies, with a ball chain attaching an acetate circle with a birdie on and two badges with the flowers and birdie on. All from paperchase. They are sooooo cute, thank you Lesley.
Been to BSL tonight and learnt more sentences using Countries. God I am so confused. Came out to get the bus home and it's snowing. One of fellow pupils offered to take me home and driving along the A27 it was coming down really hard. Got onto the Falmer Road which is a highish road coming into Woodingdean (passing the new stadium) and it was blizzarding. I have never seen anything like it. It was floating across the road. Really eerie it was. I have been in 45 mins or so and if I had caught the two buses I usually catch I would be three quarters of the way home by now. Just had the gritter make an appearance. Bit late now but hey it came!

Right me toast has popped and best get on with me knitting!

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day 16 - Cut it out ......

Scissors - Ron thought. Craft knife - Burn thought. Well did I get a surprise. It's friendly plastic and some cutters. I have never had any of this "stuff" before so can't wait to have a go. One of the strips is a bluey lavender colour and the other is a pinky colour. Thanks Lesley
Had a christmas lunch at a Spanish Tapas Restaurant this afternoon. It was really good. Pigged out a bit tho'. Had a little secret santa and this is what I got!

I think it may have been from my crafty colleague Caroline. Just look at that scrummy bright blue Smooch. Fabulous. The chocolate orange should be interesting!

Been up in the cabin tonight doing Emma's albums. One more session me thinks and that will be it. They are coming along great now. Could have done with me new weeny brolly when we came down - it was chucking it down with rain...................

Right that's it for tonight - me tired.

thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Day 15 - Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers

Mr L thinks it's a rain hat !!!! Mrs L says Nooooo! The little package measured about 6 x 2 x 1. Umbrella Mrs L thinks but it's a bit weeney! Opened it and look - it's a weeny little umbrella.
How cute is that ! Isn't that sooo sweet. I love this game.

Just come down from the cabin and the grass is all crunchy ! Ron went up about 5.00 this evening and put the heater on. I went up at 6.30 and it was bloomin' freezing! The heater don't work! Came down and got another heater. Ron came back up with me and moved the original heater and the bloomin thing worked. Must have been an air lock - so I had both heaters on and it was still cold ! Still I survived!

Just eaten a Terry's chocolate orange and I feel sick now.

Just a short one tonight, Burn very tired !

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Monday, 14 December 2009

Day 14 - Lickety Lick ........

Ron's guess this morning was "lipstick" or "lollypop". It was kinda shaped like a lollypop, the chukka lolly type. Burn opened it and this is what she found:
This is just the ticket, cos I have almost run out of mine. Well done Lesley (or did you know?). Thanks very much. I hope you are enjoying opening yours as much as I am.
I think I already told you guys that I bought the stamps from Magnolia's stamp club. Well I just had to have a go at them. This is one of them. It's part of a leaving card I am making for a lovely young lady at work. Daren't show you any more in case she reads me blog. Risking putting this much on - but hey !

Isn't she just delightful. I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea but I just lurve the magnolias. She seems to be missing some bling I notice so will need to take some (and me glossy accents) to work tomorrow and replace them.

Invalid went for a walk to the shops this morning cos he said he felt dizzy and thought it was cos he was couped up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still he got home safe as there was a lovely smell of roast pork when I got in. It had been slow cooking for about 3 hours. Had roast spuds, cauli, leek and peas to go with it. The pork was rolled and stuffed. It was delish!!!! Could get used to this.

Right I'm off up the cabin now to finish me project and have left the invalid laying on the sofa watching Corrie. I have just realised I haven't put the heater on up there so it's going to be a bit chilly.

Thanks for stopping by and sees yer the morn!

Love Burnice x

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day 13 - Just add ink....

Guessed what it was today and then "assumed" it was an angel. Right on the guessing it was a stamp but wrong on the guessing it was an angel. Opened it and found this:

Thanks Lesley - this is just sooooo useful. Got all these things going round my head now but they will have to stay there until the new year. They are crashing around with all the other things going on in my little head.........

I am knackered. This invalid looking after is wearing me out. I have total admiration for those that do it all the time. Went to bed at 10.30 last night, slept right through til 5.30, went to the loo, went straight back to sleep and the next thing I knew it was 8.45..............

We had a cooked breakfast today (first time in ages!) and then I cut the invalid's hair and got him showered, he shaved and is now crashed on the sofa with the Mail on Sunday, a sticky bun and a cup of tea. Ooooh the life!

Just realised I haven't checked our lottery. If I am not back for 5 years then you will know we've won - actually I am not sure I could keep it to myself anyway so I'll see you in 5 (mins that is not years!).

Well that didn't take long to check! Not a titter! Oh well there is always Wednesday!

I have to go and look for some stain/paint for the cabin now. Can't decide - I think I want red cedar - you know me and colour. It probably won't be what I am expecting........ I quite like it as it is but if we paint it that colour it will get soooooo dirty soooooo quickly. HELP !!!!

Going to finish some projects up there in a min.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dec 12 - Bit of bling

As usual we went through the motions this morning - guessing ones that is - and Ron said "a gold chain" - yeah right!!! I thought it might have been some sticky back jewels or pearly things - you know something like that. WRONG ! It was these fabulous asiany type bits of bling:

I can assure you they are much brighter IRL. I just love them. Thanks Lesley.

Ooh I've been busy today - the postie woke me up at 8.10am this morning (boy was I tired!) with two pizza boxes for me and a jiffy bag for the invalid. He opened his and inside was a card from our senior partner and five bars of chocolate - mmmmmmmmmm! I opened my pizza boxes and I had my December kit from Sarah's cards. The other one was from Crafts U Love with a little order. Actually it was some wooden plaques which they had on sale and I thought would be good for altering. You need to scroll down the page a bit to see them. I also bought the Magnolia Magazine. Boy is that mag inspirational. Well worth the money.

Got up then and we had brekkie. Door bell goes again - van postie with a big parcel for DS1.

Decided then I should maybe go food shopping. Now this is a big deal for me cos I have not been food shopping on my own for 30 years or so. The invalid always did it. Off I go in the car armed with two £1 coins. I am told these are for the car park (which I get back off the bill) and the other for the trolley which I get back. So far so good. Go round Asda, haven't the foggiest what I'm doing but I manage to get it done. At the checkout I am still doing quite well until it came to pay. The invalid had given me his card to pay for the shopping, put it in the machine and completely forget his number. DOH! Do I feel daft. Still not too much of a problem cos fortunately I had mine with me. PHEW! He owes me £41 odd now !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooh I love it when he owes me!! Drove home. Trauma over.

When I got back the foot postie comes and he has brought (at long last) the Magnolia stamps I bought through their stamp club. They are absolutely bloomin fabulous. Burn a happy bunny now. Just what the 'trauma from food shopping' doctor ordered! Can't wait to get up in the cabin to have a go. Just got to wash up lunch stuff (had a fab bacon sarny in tiger bread - still warm from Asda).

If you behave I may show you some of the creations later.

thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Friday, 11 December 2009

Day 11 - Alter this.

Afternoon - Again this could have been absolutely anything. There were no clues from the shape of the little package. Well this is it:

My fellow Newport Pagnell crafters will remember these. They are the chipboard arches we used in the making of our little book. Thank you Lesley - can't wait to use these. Tempted to do something chrissmassy - after christmas of course!

Watching Kirsty's Homemade Christmas on catch up. Got to the chocolagte bit - I am being very distracted. After the chocolate will be Mandy.

Went to a German Market afterwork - the signs said "German Market - now until Christmas Eve. got down there - all the huts were closed - boy was I mad - I got blisters making my way down there, freezing cold at the bus stop and a bit pee'd off !!!!!

Sorry gotta go and watch the choccy man!

Thanks for popping by

Love Burnice

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day 10 - "I made this - hope you like it"

Well here we are at last - sorry you had to wait so long Linda!!! (Love your book by the way). Couldn't even begin to work out what this was - it could have been absolutely anything - but it wasn't anything it was this...............

Isn't it gorgeous. I am sorry the pic is a bit crap but I took it quickly this morning before going to work. The big beads are a taupe/silvery colour. Pretty isn't it?

Had to go back to work today. Last night I said to Ron that I would have to get up as soon as the alarm went off cos it had been 10 days or so that I have got up for work. Well the radio came on at 6.20am and the next thing I knew Ron was shaking me and telling me it was 7.30am. I jumped out of bed and looked at my watch - it was 7.40am. Oh bloomin' 'eck I thought (yeah right!) jumped in the shower, washed my hair, made the tea, had me weetabix, poured the tea out, unwrapped me little pressie, took a photo of it, put me face on, dried me hair and it was 8.20am. Not bad eh! Then looked out the window and the bus went by................. Started pottering around (like you do) and then watched another bus go by. May as well go and get Ron's paper she thought. That's okay he said I'll go, the fresh air will probably do me good. Going in your slippers are you Burn said. Ron looked at her rather puzzled? "what" he said. How are you going to get your shoes and socks on you dippy person you!!!!! Oh yeah he said. So off I trotted to the shop for his paper, came home, got me back and went over the road to the bus stop. Time - 8.45. Bus came 5 mins later and I got off the bus in town at 9.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go in tomorrow to make up for having yesterday off. I don't usually work Friday's so I have decided to do tomorrow morning and next Friday morning. Would do the whole day tomorrow but I want to go to the German Christmas Market which is on.......

BSL today - more sentences. Getting quite good now.

Off to have some toast - bit hungry - been out since 8.45am!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 9 - Bows

Right then - clue "bows". Got this one straight away. The invalid was being his dippy self and said "bows" as in "male curtsey" - only he could. Then he got really silly and said some very silly things (which I can't repeat here!) but suffice it to say they were really silly!!!!!! After being told off and to behave himself I opened it and this is what I found:

I just love the colour. Thank you Lesley. This is sooooo exciting. I am very surprised I have been able to refrain from opening them in advance and peeking! HONEST GOV I haven't. My mum would be soooo proud of me!

I have finally got round to photographing my wacky purchase on Sunday. We went to Matalan to get "the invalid to be" some tracky bottoms and then popped into Brantana (well it was next door so seemed silly to waste the journey!) and I spotted these wacky things. I tried on several different pairs with wacky patterns on but settled for these. "How much are they" we think. Well that pair says "reduced to £15" so I thought what the hell and went to pay for them. At the till I could have sworn the girl said £10 so I kept schtum and as casual as possible I strolled out. When we got to the car I said to Ron that I thought I only paid £10 so we looked at the receipt and what a bloomin' shock I got - I actually paid £20. Still I think they are worth it and they do have an 1" heel on them. Ready - right here goes:

Aren't they just sooo cool!

Should have been back to work today but Ron's thigh is still a bit numb and he is still struggling to get around. I didn't feel very comfortable about leaving him in case he fell over! Hopefully it will be back to normal tomorrow. He is lying on the sofa at the moment with the paper, cup of tea and two donuts! I am absolutely shattered. Learnt now to ask if there is anything he needs BEFORE I sit down.

Just off to catch up with Kirsty's homemade Christmas. Just love this. Tomorrow she is at the home of one of my most favourite peoples - Mandy Shaw. She is just a fantastic person. Been to some of her quilt classes and she is just the funniest person. She talks like me - she says things like - Mandy clear up, Mandy sitting here and stuff like that. That's how Burn talks !!!! Just love her.

Well best go and settle myself before lunch.

Thanks for looking in.

Love Burnice x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day 8 - "For an Angel"

Well - we deliberated this morning Ron (in his sick bed) and me (waiting on him hand and foot). Angel dust he cried; don't be daft she said. We couldn't work this one out so I opened it and this is what I found:

Aren't they just fab. I think these will be going in MY scrapbook, no one else's!!!!! Thanks very much Lesley, just loving these.

Nurse Burnice is knackered already. Going back to work tomorrow for a rest. Ron still has a numb thigh. Wonder how long this nerve block lasts! I have done two loads of washing, been to the shop for a paper, got his breakfast and got him out of bed. We are sitting in the dining room now - it's so lovely and light in here - watching daytime tv, reading the paper and blogging.

I am going up into the cabin this afternoon. I have a secret santa pressie to make. The heaters on ready for me...............

Must take a picture of my wacky purchase to show you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 7 - Wrap it!

Only 18 to go folks..... Well from the clue above I am thinking I've got Eminem somewhere in my little packet. Nah! too soft - I think he's 'ard in't 'e!!! Then we think - ball of string - nah! Lesley's not THAT mean!!!! Open it then, he cries, so I did and this is what I found....
Cool eh! It's that fab tissuey stuff that you can open right out to about an inch wide. Fab. Thanks Lesley.

Here is a pic of my secret santa pressie I got from the stitch club. Think I know who it's from!

It is much prettier in real life, honest. I think I should have cropped the pic and then you could have seen it better. Next time!

I just lurve ny friends and lurve this time of year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I suppose I had better get me bum in gear - Ron has to be at the hospital at about 12.00'sh and I have some washing on and I need to change the bed (sheets that is - not the bed cos I like my bed with it's springy back mattress!!!).

Will come back and let you know how he got on - hopefully it won't be one of our "mishap" tales!!!

Have a good day folks

Burnice x

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day 6 - Where shall we travel?

Today's clue - "Where shall we travel?" oooh the Lindeck's thought. I wonder what this can be. The package measures about 7 x 5 (or thereabouts). Tickets to some far away place he thought. Nah, she said, Lesley would save that till the 25th. Opened it up and this is what I found:
Aren't they just great. Just right for the scrapbook of my year. Apologies for the naff photo - seem to have the shakes of late!!!
Had my last stitch club yesterday and one of my little ones - Leanne, aged 13 (I think) made us this fab cake. It tasted pretty good too....

Didn't she do well. Thanks Leanne.

We had a secret santa too and I got a fab bracelet and notebook. I'll show you tomorrow. I also show you a fab purchase I made today.............

Just a short one today - got a bit of a headache.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Day 5 - Mmmmmm !

Burn a bit under the weather at the mo. Got flu like symptoms, you know the sort of thing, achy body, headache, sore throat, cough, hot one minute, cold the next. Still I'm not one to complain....... So when I got Day 5 pressie the label said "Mmmmm". Chocolate I thought but they are in a tube. I bet Lesley has got me a tube of smarties as a little joke but noooooooooooooooooooo, one of my favourites (well a tube full really!)
Just what the doctor ordered. Not sharing these I can tell you........... Thanks Lesley.
Off to my Stitch Club this afternoon. This is going to be my very last one. Been going for about 15/16 years. First Saturday in every month. We used to be around 25 strong but now there are only 6 of us and three little ones. The hall fees have gone up again this year and it is not really worth it any more with just us 6. I'm a little sad but as they say all good things come to an end (have I just made that up!). We have had some really good laughs over the years and we still have two huge projects we did (cross stitching) in the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital. A large wall hanging of Benjamin Bunny in story form and and framed story of Peter Rabbit. We were even in the local paper !!!!!!
We are having a little xmas party so best go and make me egg rolls!!!! Got a secret santa too!
Have a great day folks.
Burnice x

Friday, 4 December 2009

Day 4 - A-tishoo

Bless you...... The clue today was A-Tishoo. Didn't take Mr and Mrs L long to work that one out! Here are the pretty tissues. Not sure whether I will ever blow me nose on them but we'll see! Aren't they soooo cute.
I am having a very lazy day today. I am absolutely shattered! I was supposed to be resting this week but that went by the by! I am firing on three pistons!

I may pop down to Milla's school later on to see her as an elf. Her drama group are doing the santa's grotto and Milla and her little friend Coco are elves. Peter, DS1, is being a grumpy elf. Worth the bus ride just to see that!!! Hopefully I will have some pics to show you.

It's a fabulously sunny day today. May go up in the cabin - should be warm up there with the sun shining on it. I have some challenges to do and chrissy cards.

BSL yesterday, learnt some sentences. Bit daunting but think I got it. We did directions which apparently is what we are going to be asked on our assessment. Paul said we could make up directions so I asked if I could just say "here" and point to the floor. Don't think that would work do you?

Have a great day peeps.

Burnice x

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 3 - Open carefully - calling out for colour!

Hi folks,

Today's label said "open carefully, calling out for colour". Well Mr and Mrs Lindeck did the usual guessing thing and I said I thought it might be a stamp but why open carefully. Can't remember what Mr L said. (I've done sooooo much since 7.30 this morning!). Anyway, I opened it and this is what I found (good job I did open it carefully) :
.. it's a bundle of metal flowers, hearts, tags, snowflakes and brads. Aren't they just so cool. Thanks you sooooooo much Lesley. This is such fun.

Now I have spent the morning making these little elf skirts. Panic on last night when Milla tells me she needs it for Friday after school. Oh dear, couldn't do it last night as Emma was coming back to do a bit more to her book. I got up at 7.30 had brekkie and then sat down to it. I was all done by 10.00. It was very difficult to guess the waist sizes of Milla and her little friend who is a wee bit smaller than her. So I got a pair of her jim jams and went from there. I did take a pic but it has come out a bit blurred cos I had about 15 mins to get changed and catch a bus to take them to Peter and meet my friend for lunch. I apologise for the quality of the picture. DS1 has promised to take a pic of the girls in them....
Got my BSL tonight so best get meself organised....


Burnice x

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Day 2 - Useful

The clue on the back of the label said "useful". The size of the little pressie is just over 2 x 2 so Ron and I sat there over breakfast thinking. He said post it notes - too hard said I. It can't be money (which would be useful!) as it was too neat. She could have put it in a little box said Ron. Nah wouldn't think so, cos it's only about 3/4 inch deep - wouldn't get much in that. Mind you £100 notes you could. Anyway we got bored guessing so I opened it and this is what I found.

It's a little swatch block. It has some really lovely papers, card, vellum swatches. Just the right size for matting and layering!

Here is a close up of one of the pages.

Thanks Lesley and I totally agree - very useful. In fact I may even have to use it today as I am in the cabin most of the day with Emma, next door, as she want to make two little albums for her parents and in-laws with pics of her little boys in. There is a lovely blue check one in there.

Still haven't made the skirt yet - note to self - GET ON WITH IT BURN !!!!

Well best finish putting my nail varnish on which I have been doing whilst typing this (in between uploading).
Thanks for popping by.

Burnice x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Day 1 - For my friend

I have received a box of pressies from my friend Lesley. We are doing an advent type thingy where we open one pressie a day.

Here is a pic of my lovely box:

Here is number 1. Isn't it so cute.......

It's a fridge magnet. This won't be going on to my fridge I will have to find something in the cabin to put it on.

Still haven't done the skirt - must get a move on.


Burnice x