Monday, 31 May 2010

Not for the faint hearted !

Got a text Friday from Emma (who used to live next door). She said it was their 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday and would I help knit her a willy warmer for her hubby. He he I thought..... So I scanned the internet for a pattern, found one and asked her what colour she wanted. We (that's the royal we!) went for pink !!!! So I set about knitting it.......

I would like to soften (excuse the pun) the blow a bit by showing you their card first. This time I used a sugar nellie stamp and me copics. The paper is Bo Bunny (I think).

Now for the fun bit! I even managed to crochet the top bit from a You Tube video !!!!
Brill isn't it. I did say I wasn't going to ask him for a fitting - I'll let her do that!!!!!!
Wonder if I will get any orders from it................................
Well that's it for today folks, busy bee. Doing loads of housework - thought it was about time!

Burnice x

Thursday, 27 May 2010

My new word book.........

I have been a tad AWOL just lately and here is the reason why. I have been making this word book. I have to admit I am slightly pleased with myself. I have pondered over what to actually do, what colour to use, what paper to use (found some originally but only had a little bit of it and couldn't match it). I have been collecting all the fibres and little crystals etc. for a couple of months. Finally made it!!!!

The rose is a grunge rose (like you didn't know!) with a magnolia image coloured with copics. The metal letters were given to me by Caroline. The date has been stamped on to shrink plastic and then shrunk (yeah honest!). The letters have been edged with stardust stickles.
The little heart in amonst the fibres is a swarovski crysal.This page has a magnolia butterly and the little journalling piece is from the Fancy Pants - Road show range.

This page I really struggled with. The flowers are prima and the magnolia butterflies again all stickled up. Sat and cut them all out last night !!! Another magnolia image. The paper is Foolafalah (or whatever it's called!)
This page is for Red's picture. I have used a photocopy one which is not very good and stuck them on with repositional glue. I have asked my friend to tell Ellie that she can replace the photocopy one with the original and glue down the frame with proper glue. Isn't she just adorable. I think she was only a few months old here.

This is the last page. The stamp is an old favourite of mine from Clarity Stamps (I think!). I just love the sentiment. The flowers are my old favourites stamped, embossed and cut out. I really like this stamp.

The very back of the book is quite plain with a nestie scalloped circle in the red paper with a bird stamped onto grunge paper and cut out. I have photographed it but it was a bit plain cos I forgot to go around the circle with my stickles..........
The making of this book came about after I made the "BABY" book (blogged earlier) for one of my bosses (Lesley) at work. She then showed me a pic of Red. I was smitten. Red's daddy is a very good friend of Lesley's son. I immediately said I wanted to make Red a book and Lesley then told me who her mummy was. I have to say that because of who her mummy is I took a lot longer to decide on what to do. I needed it to be perfick!!!!!
I might also add that when I took it to work today and showed it to Lesley she cried. Just the kind of response I like....... I just hope Red's mummy has a similar reaction and likes my book.
Well there it is. I hope you like it.
Sorry for the long post....
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Artsycraft Weekend goodies!

First of all I'll say that Caroline and I had an absolutely wonderful amazing time. Leandra and Lin were fab - as usual. Also a big thanks to Jo and Lynne for all your input. Thanks to Karen too for taking all my money (Ron hasn't half got the 'ump with you for serving me!!!).......

Anyway - first of all we did "Secret Garden"..... This is my tissue rose at the top. It was great fun scrunching it up into a ball and then straightening it out again! The little bird is made of metal and then rubbed with alcohol inks to distress him!

This is the finished piece. It's a giant tag! The tree is grey board with a stencil on it and then Ferro rubbed on to give the texture.
We then went on to our main project (saving that for you !).
This next piece was our last project. I chose Lemon and Lime - so out of my comfort zone but I thoroughly enjoyed the colours. All citrussy. The centre is a piece of metal put through the big shot with an embossing folder and then rubbed over with alcohol inks. The heart stamp is a paperartsy one (of course!) I then went round it with a black slick writer.
Now for the main project. This is one of the squares. Embossed metal with alcohol inks (I think) and an embossed moth.
This next one is the moth again (this time stamped) on a square of canvas stuck onto grey board. The stamp is one of paperartsy (of course!) I really like this square.

This is my bestest favourite thing of the weekend - my metal rose. I just love this. It is on a tile that was covered with Terra and heated til it bubbled and we rubbed it off.

This is the final piece all put together. The tiles were put onto a canvas panel which was painted black and then I painted it brown! The gold edge is gold goop. The red goop is painted on through a stencil. My colourway was Mediterranean Mix.

Tiles 1, 5 and 9 are metal, tiles 2, 6 and 8 are sticky back canvas and tiles 3, 4 and 7 are covered with Terra.
The birdcage was stamped and die cut from acetate and black card for us. The reverse was painted with kaiser paints in antique white, a brick red and a mustardy colour and then pressed onto the black card and the paint made it stick! It curved naturally which was kinda cool!
Anyway hope you like my efforts. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the whole thing made all the more great by the aforementioned ladies who helped us and got us out of many a sticky situation - you know - we don't make mistakes we have happy accidents - that sort of thing!!!!!!!
I have to confess it has taken me over an hour to do this post cos I keep watching "the Buble" and getting distracted.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hi - it's meeeeeeeee!

Hi peeps - bet you thought I had emigrated - fraid not, still here. Just been a tad quiet and busy, busy (crafting!)

I have had a few commissions and I have been sewing. I have made the front of a quilt, half a bag and half a tea cosy!!!!

Today Caroline and I went to Crafts U Love and met (AT LONG BLEEDIN' LAST!) the wonderful Kim Piggott Had a fantastic day learning to paint with the distress inks. Here are my efforts:

This first one is using brushed courdory and black soot; the face is antique linen and tattered rose; the dress is weathered wood; the petticoat is victorian velvet as are the socks; the shoes are very very pale black soot.
This one is same colours for hair and face; victorian velvet for dress and very pale victorian velvet for socks and shoes.
This one is same for hair and face with barn door for the dress etc. Went a bit over the top with the shoes tho'. Practice, practice, practice..........
I have to day I am just sooooo chuffed with meself and would like to thank Kim very very much for her patience and guidance. Can't wait to meet her again.
I went to the Artsycraft weekend 8/9 May and made some fabulous stuff - can't show it tho until tomorrow as there is another one this weekend. Watch this space - hopefully for not as long as the last time I posted.
Great to be back!
See you tomorrow.
Burnice x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

When Dave took Janet to The Craft Barn .....

..... and didn't she have a fab time too!!!!!!

This is Janet outside the Craft Barn after her spend up.

Janet is a Tanda Stamps forum buddy all the way from New Zealand. She is over here on holiday with her husband, Roger, and staying with friends they met when they were over here on a "teacher exchange". Think I got that right!

We left The Craft Barn and went to my house. The sun came out (for about a minute or two) and we passed a few land marks - well the building of the new Brighton & Hove Albion football stadium and Sussex University - what more does a New Zealander need to see!!!

This is Janet on my new decking with new railings!

Had a fabulous day with Janet and then it was time for her to leave. I and Dave drove her to Lewes to catch her train and we passed a couple more land marks - Lewes Prison, our new office building (not yet built!) and Anne of Cleves House. There - sorted!

BTW Janet - could job we went when we did because the traffic going into Lewes was nose to tail and that was only about 20 mins after we left my house. Phew !


Thanks for stopping by

Burnice x