Friday, 30 October 2009

Next instalment...

Right here we go again!
Had a lovely breakfast - I wasn't too hungry after the fish and chips so I only had a poached egg with bacon and black pudding, toast, marmalade, two cups of tea and some orange juice
Phoned DS1 to see if he was up and had he sent the tickets. He was walking back home having got up at 8.00. He slept at his mates. Aww bless him. He takes after his mother you know - kindness and selfless personified !!!! Ron and I go and sit in the conservatory bit and read the papers. I went to the reception to see if I could print off the tickets when the email came through. Err, well, not sure she said, I will have to check with my superior. Huh, thought Burn, wasn't expecting that, I though she would said "course yer can luv!". Go back to the sofa and a nice young man came and asked us if we wanted tea or coffee. Ooh tea would be good said Burn. "You know you are going to have to pay for that" said hubby. "oh be quiet" or something like that! said Burn.
Well Peter rings to say he has sent the email to my hotmail. Burn goes to the reception and she said could I get my son to email them to the hotel reception and she will print them off for me. Go back to the sofa and me tea and me hubby and phone Peter. He says "course I can mum!!!". I go back to the reception 10 mins later - no email. We go for a walk - come back 30 mins later - no email. I phoned DS1 and he said he sent them at 10.24. It is now 11.35. Burn is getting agitated now I then say please please please can you go into my hotmail and get them from there. She reluctantly let me. I even dropped my bosses name into the conversation (after all it is his hotel and her boss too !) that went straight over her head. Stupid woman !!! Anyway to cut a long story short we get the tickets and go to Hampton Court.
We set Jane and off we go. Everything is going great - 3 mins to destination - turn right and then left - we do that and end up in a station car park. This can't be right we think so we drive out (mind you we can see hampton court from the station car park !!!). We drive out and turn left - don't know why but he's driving so we don't question it. Guess what we did - drove round in bloody circles again. Poxy sat nav. Turn her off - she was sooooo getting on our nerves "recalculating route". If she said that once she said it a hundred times !!!! We go by the road signs and end up in the bloody station car park again. Ron parks up, Burn goes and asks a nice young chappy in the station. Yep - we are in the right place. Pay £3.50 and walk over the bridge !!!! Easy peasy !!! Had a fab time at Hampton Court !!!!!!!!!! Knackered though. Well that's that bit for now so I will tell you about the evening meal later.
Hope you are not getting too bored...
Burn x

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Time for another story me thinks..

Well here we go. This story/epilogue happened about a year ago.................

First of all I must just say we bought a cheap old sat nav to do this journey. "Easy to use" "just turn on" were the strap lines of the advert. The instructions were on an A5 sheet of paper with pics (good job too!) but the writing was soooooo miniscule that I needed my glasses AND my crafting magnifying class (with the extra magnifiying bubble at the bottom) plus bright sunlight to ready the flamin' instructions. Plus the sat nav is Hungarian !!!! Anyway - we turn it on, put in the bits and thought we would try it out. Now logic tells me that you start from one place and finish at another so off we set. Well we just kept going round in circles with the bloody thing taking us back home all the time !!!!!! Heated discussions in the van - Burn turns it off and says "Oh £$%^ it let's just forget it!". Well we gets home and HE has another go with the machine. We put in his mums address etc and off we go. Again she (her name is Jane!) is trying to navigate us back home all the time. Well that's not strictly true some how we were going to an address is Hassocks. Discovered later that HE touched the screen so Jane thought we were changing route and off Jane directed us. Back home we go. Then a little light switch pings in Burn's head. RON STOP PUTTING IN HOME she shouts. JUST PUT IN YOUR MOTHERS POST CODE she shouts again. He then starts an argument "what the *&*& you talking about". TRUST ME shouts Burn again. The bloody GPS will pick us up when we set off and direct us to your bloody mothers you donut !!!! says Burn. After a few you don't know what you are talking about looks and the like off we set. WAHAYYYYYYYY we arrive at his mothers. We knock on the door and say - "Can't stop - just want to use the loo - we have been testing the sat nav - byeeee" and off we go again back home. PERFECT!!!
BTW that has nothing to do with Friday's trip to Weybridge but it is relevant on Saturday's trip !!!!!!!!!
We set off on Friday YOU STILL WITH ME ! It only takes 55 mins to get to the hotel. About 30 or so mins in that bloody light switch pings again !!!! Burn has left the tickets for Hampton Court behind. Don't worry she says looking at HIS thunderous face, I'll phone DS1 and he can email them to me and I can print them off at the hotel. Then spent another 10 mins explaining to HIM how this was going to happen. HE is a bit computer, scanning, emailingly challenged !! I phone DS1 and he says he will do it for us. YIPPEE - sorted. Got to hotel (sat nav just the best!) and went to our room - beautiful it was too. (The Ship).
We go out and get fish and chips at about 8.00. Sneak in the back door with the fish and chips etc and scoff them. Went out again (through the back door - cos don't forget we are still out !) to a pub, came back to hotel (through the front door this time!) went to bed. Right that's Friday - I will do Saturday tomorrow - Watch this space.
Hope you will tune in for the next episode.
I apologise to those who have already heard this story!
Well best get on with me knitting.
Burn x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another project

This is a little "arch book". The stamps are obviously paperartsy their ding and dong range. The birdy on the front is stamped onto metal and cut out.
This project was all about blending and masking. Really enjoyed this one. Well best get on with my knitting...........

Love Burnice x

Monday, 26 October 2009

Milla using my copics!

This is Milla learning how to use my copics....... The stamp is one from Tanda Stamps and is from their Timmy range

The card was for her friends little brother who was having a cowboy party!!

Nearly there. Cool shading eh. Honestly she did it all by herself with just a little prompting from moi..
There all done !!!!!!
Didn't she do well. The lasso was her idea - It is just a length of fibre stuck on with glossy accents....
Burnice x

My other little projects..

This is a little box we made. The middle of the clock is done with crackle glaze and of course using the wonderful stamps.

This is the inside of the box. The painting is using the glimmer mists. The dangly clock is stamped with stazon onto the metal and the circle bit at the bottom of the clock was embossed and filled with glossy accents. the back was covered and thereby making the embossed bit "hard"..........

The bright blue is acrylic paint with mother of pearl precious metal paint on top.

Next installment coming soon!

Burn x

Sunday, 25 October 2009

At last I can reveal !!!

This is the bestest thing I have ever made.

First I covered the shape with terra paste (sahara) and then stamped into this with a script and a clock stamp. I then painted with acrylic paint (eggshell). When the terra is overheated it bubbles up.

When this was dry I used blue, pebble and mushroom acrylic paint. The copper and very shiny blue are viva precious metal paints. I then sprintz it with tattered angels shimmers in blue and sepia gold.

I then painted a piece of the metal (which was copper on one side and and silver on the other. I used the same blues and mushrooms. I thought it was a bit bright when I first did it but then I decided that it looked like copper piping when it gets wet (IYKWIM). The images were stamped in archival ink.

The numbers were stamped with stazon onto the copper metal and then "aged" with the blue precious metal paints.

This is the finished result. The metal down the side was embossed over moulds and spritzed with the glimmer mists. The top one was done by Leandra herself as a sample to show us what to do and I asked if I could have it for my clock and she said "Go on then !" - so I did! The embellishments were all cut out and stuck on with red line tape. The back board is a canvas panel 14x10 and painted with the same combo as the clock face. I then stamped onto the canvas with some of the fab stamps.

I do hope you like my creation and if you behave yourselves I will put the next project I did on tomorrow.

Have to say I had the best time............................

Well best get on with me knitting.


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Windows at 8.30 this morning !

Urggg - getting really pee'd off now. As you can see the towel is absolutely soaking wet.

It's not funny anymore !!!!

It's leaking ......

The rain is comin' in thru the winda' !!!
I am just going up to see what damage has been done since then........
Burn x

Friday, 23 October 2009

Flamin' Windows...........

Yep, you got it - they're leaking again. This time I completely lost it. I went absolutely mad. Got straight on the phone to Cedexx and blew a gasket. All the chap would say was could I take a photo of the water pouring in. Pillock. After a lot of me losing my rag I told him I'm going to take some pics and email them to him and suggested he came up with a suitable solution.

As you can see they are a bit on the damp side. Well after I had cleared up YET AGAIN I had a total crafting splurg. I got out my paints, grungeboard letters, precious metal paints, glimmer mists and away I went. I'll take some pics tomorrow and put them on here. I have to say I am quite pleased with myself. So all was well in the end !!

Well it was until we went to pick up a chinese (meal that is not person) and couldn't find the car keys. After a few minutes I remembered something. We had gone to Lewes to pick up the works van and we went over in the car. Burn drove the car back. Burn got out the car and took the micky out of Ron cos he was hobbling down the road - he did look funny tho! Can you guess where the keys were - yep you got it again - still in the ignition. I realised cos I couldn't remember pressing the key fob to lock it..... I have never ever done that before ! Now I can here dearest darling hubby every time I come indoors after driving the car "HAVE YOU LOCKED THE CAR AND TAKEN THE KEY OUT "! Everytime I can promise you. He will never let me forget this !!!!!

Best get on with me knitting !

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Thought it was about time....

..... I posted something I had made! Well I still haven't quite got the cabin sorted cos some stuff is still in the old craft room up in the room in the roof. I thought you might like to see me knitting. Here are the first pair of wrist warmers I made. I am on my third pair now with leg warmers to match. Am I getting sick of them yet - NOOOOOOOOO not yet !!!!! I still have about 10 balls of wool to go through !!!!! I also have two more pairs of wristwarmers to knit for someone at work and then some for Milla and her mum and then the rest for moi !!!!

I have also been knitting some cakes! The chocolate cake I made for my friend Lance (pic on side bar at Wembley). His girlfriend (me little mate) told him I was making him a chocolate cake for his birthday. Now anyone who knows me well knows I don't/can't/won't cook. Michaela said his face was a picture when he saw it was knitted !!!!! He said "Burn's a clever woman"! or something like that !!!!

Here is a swiss roll !!!
Hope you likey my knitting.
Best get on with the leg warmers !!!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Funny thing happened on the way to Newport Pagnell.....

It all started so well. Linda arrived, we had lunch, set off and had to turn round after two seconds cos I couldn't remember closing the bathroom window (a bit paranoid after being burgled cos I left the bathroom window open - b"""""ds!). Good job we did go back cos I hadn't closed the bathroom window !!! So off we set again.

Mrs sat nav was on form and we (well Linda did) drove and drove and drove and drove. I get out my knitting (very relaxed now you see!) and am three quarters of the way up the leg warmer and then suddenly my driver said "think we might need some petrol!" "WHAT" I say. Now this might not seem a problem but we were on the M25 just before the Heathrow junction! "Don't panic" she said "we have about 30 or so miles left in the tank". "oh that's alright then" I say. "Keep your eyes open for a garage" she says. We go a bit further and Linda remarks "I definitely need petrol now". Did you know there were no garages along the M25. Burn puts her knitting down (nervous now!) and Linda makes an executive decision. We turn off the motorway and then came to a roundabout marked Uxbridge/Hayes or something like that. Well Mrs sat nav is now having an eppy so we had to turn her off cos she was driving us mad! We drive for a fair bit and then came to a junction. Decision time again. Do we go right or left. We go left and Linda said "bet the garage is the other way!" Got to the junction and as we were turning left we looked to our right and there sure enough was a bloomin' big garage !!!!! We turn round. Gave the car a lovely long drink and set off on our way again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I picked up me knitting cos I am relaxed again!!

Anyway I/we had an absolutely fantastic time at the "workshop". It was amazing. Learnt soooo many new techniques, used sooooooo many new products and stamps and met soooooooo many new peoples!! Had a good laugh too. Not allowed to post any images or say anything about it so as not to spoil it for those going this coming weekend. I will say this tho' "YOU WILL LOVE IT". The "thing" I made looks fantastic "in situ". Even him indoors thought so, so it can't be that bad !!!!

I will put some photos on next week.

At work so best fly.



Friday, 16 October 2009

Burn is going AWOL ...

.... well not really AWOL but I am off to Milton Keynes with my two craft buddies to the PaperArtsy Weekend. I have my bag packed and my craft supplies packed and am sitting here charging up my ipod, updating my blog and waiting for Linda to arrive. She will be here about 12.00, then we will have a bit of lunch and then set off. We will be meeting Lesley there. She is driving up from Exeter. Really looking forward to it now. I have my latex gloves for the messy bit.

A bit of a laugh - I bought an X-cut pokey tool yesterday and I was playing with it at work, pushing up the bit that makes it go in and out and I pulled the mechanism bit down to put the pokey tool back in its little hidey hole and then went to rub my nose (don't ask!) and stuck the pokey tool into my chin. I hadn't put it right down into it's pokey tool hole. Let that be a lesson to you girlies - make sure you put the pokey tool back into it's pokey tool hole. It did make me jump and, of course, laugh !!!!!!

Went to BSL last night and learnt loads of new stuff. I am really enjoying this. I can sign my name really fast now !!! I also have been given a sign name - it's a form of nickname. It's the sign for "Burn". Cool eh!

I would say "best get on with me knitting" but I can't cos I won't be, but I am taking it with me !!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you all on Sunday night.

Love Burnice xxxx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Laughed till I cried....

Last Thursday I tried to ring Ron but he didn't reply. He must be driving I thought. So I waited a bit and tried again. It's engaged. Tried two or three times then got fed up. Later on he phoned me asking what I wanted. I said it didn't matter cos I didn't have time to explain as I was leaving the office to catch the bus to get to my BSL class. I then noticed that he was kinda smiling whilst he was talking, so I asked what he was amusing him. Nothing he said. Yes there I reply what is it. Well this is what he said:

"My phone rang so I answered it with "hello"; he said "hello" back; "hello I said again; "hello" he said again; "hello" I said yet again; "hello" he said yet again; "who's that" I said; "who's that" he said; I giggled; he giggled; and I was just about to say "who's that mucking about" when I heard "him" saying the same thing then I realised I was talking to myself..............

Through the laughter I asked him if he didn't recognise his voice and he said "he didn't, cos he has never heard himself before !!!!" Fair point I thought. Boy oh boy did I laugh....

Well I had kinda forgotten this until last night when I was getting ready for bed and we both thought about it again. Well that was it, I was completely gone. I laughed, cried, coughed and chocked. Gave myself a sore throat and a headache. Last I looked at the clock it said 12.15 bearing in mind we had gone to bed at about 11/11.15.............. I am now actually peeing myself laughing again.

Lesley, I did think of Ed last night with this "dippy Ron" story.

I was going to save it until Friday to tell my friend Linda whilst we were on our way to Milton Keynes to the Paperartsy crafty weekend but decided she might laugh soooo much and her driving might be jeopardised.....

Well I hope you find this little "dippy Ron" story amusing cos believe me there will be a few more of them before the year's out.

We've had a couple already, namely, our trip to Shepperton and the problem with the little ferry; the tent he found on the roof at work and the sat nav................................

Well best get on with me knitting.......

Burnice x

Monday, 12 October 2009

Definitely Roman Blinds (I think!)

Now, where do I start.. Are you sitting comfortably.....
Well, decided it was going to be Roman Blinds, pretty in cabin Burnice thought. Off she trots along Western Road lunchtime and pops into C&H Fabrics (having spent most of the weekend on the internet in Homebase and B&Q - nothing like looking at them in the flesh eh!). Didn't see any she particularly liked and then she thought "Oh sod it - lets have them made - I can afford it" (at the moment!). So off she goes to the desk. Lady behind desk doing something with a clip board and the till. Can I help the person said. "Yes" Burn said, "can you tell me how much it would cost to have four roman blinds the same size and two a different size". Have you chosen the fabric the woman said. "No" said Burn "I don't know what I want at the moment, I just want an idea as to cost". "Well I can't really price them until you chose the fabric". "Nonsense" said/thought Burn ! "you must have a job price to which you add the price of the fabric. I just want a job price, PLEASE!". She gets a folder out and asks me the size. "18 inches wide and 134cm long" (I know I used both types of measurement but I did add that the 134cm was about 48 inches long - done in me head!). She has a look in her folder and then said "£180". "ooh that's not bad thought Burnice but then Burnice nearly had a heart attack cos she hadn't finished speaking. She added "EACH". "WHAT" cried Burn (and the woman standing next to her!) "EACH?". "yes" she said "each". "I'll make my own" Burn said !!!!!! The woman then (very sarcastically) said "we sell the kits, madam!" "Shove your kits" Burn thought (didn't say it honest!). I have to say I was bloody gobsmacked!

Now - you still with me - I get home, go up to the cabin and measure the windows to get the stuff and make me own. Guess what - the doors are 18" each and the windows are 20 inches each!!!!!!!! Got that slightly wrong then eh !! Good job the woman didn't say £20 a curtain eh! I would have been in a bit of a pickle then wouldn't I?. I can buy roman blinds now and cut two inches off each end - YAYEEEEEEEEE. Still might make them tho - will get me mate Freda to help me. Trouble is it will take me a year or two to decide on the fabric whereas if I bought them ready made I can only choose from a limited number. Oh dilema, dilema, dilema.

Still might change me mind and have roller blinds cos the colour would be the same back or front..

Mind you I could have venetian - nah that will just complicate it even more and we can't cope can we fellow bloggers..........................

Well thanks for listening guys.

Best get on with my knitting.

Love Burnice xx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sad day

Burn is sad - poor Stephen Gately. I got such a shock when I heard it on the radio this morning. I just feel so sorry for his partner, family and the rest of Boyzone. No doubt it will all become clear what happened.

Anyway I completely forgot to tell you yesterday what Milla said to me. She asked me if she could do something, I said no and then she moaned saying she didn't like it here with me anymore so I said "Tuff". Then she said "you're not my nanny, you're an imposter". "What makes you say that" I asked and then in the blink of an eye she said "Cos my nanny would have said something rudder than that!" Well I just wee'd myself laughing, told her that was a good one and then as I walked passed her she held up her hand and said "Hi five!". Little angel.

I think the best one she ever said was when Kris (DS2) was putting his money into his pocket and asked him for £5. Kris then tells her he doesn't have £5 and she replied "I take switch!" All this at just under 2 years old...................................

Wonder who she takes after !!!!!!!!

Think I may have had a change of heart about the blinds, but don't hold your breath cos I may change it again !!!!!! Sorted out all the stamps - just need more sheets. Note to self - ring Tanda Stamps

I'm watching X Factor at the moment - C'MON STACEY !!!!!!!!! She is adorable and LLOYD and JOE - hedging my bets a bit here eh !

Well best get on with the knitting!

Burnice x

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nanny's little helper!

Well, here she is, my little helper. She has sorted out my inks - cos I didn't do it right!!! Bless her! She has also got her own crafty stuff in the cabin now! It is in a bit of a mess at the moment cos we are waiting for Ron to put the shelves up. Hopefully that won't be too long away.

My blog candy came today and I am very pleased with it. Thanks Emma. Milla said she liked it too - oh no !!!!

My friend came over this afternoon to discuss "windows" and we have decided to make some Roman blinds for the windows. Will be getting the fixings etc on Monday and then the long haul of looking for fabric. I want a coloured lining so it doesn't look odd from the outside. Wonder what tales will come forth from curtain hunting !!!!

After Freda had gone I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening sorting out my unmounted stamps into ring binders. Did about 10 of them when I then discovered I had put the pics of the stamps on the wrong side. Have to take them all off and start again. Job for tomorrow.................

Can't get these bloomin photo's right.

Off to do some more knitting.


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Cabin update

Hiya, an update from last night. Just before we were going to bed I decided I needed to check that the sealant stuff Ron had put round the window was okay. So off we trot (me in my jim jams and mac!) up the garden to the cabin. We opened the door and I screamed. There was a pool of water on the worktop. The towels were sopping wet. It was like getting them out of the washing machine before they had spun. The water was just pouring in through the bottom of the window. As you can all probably imagine Burn was VERY UPSET. We mopped up again and all I could say was what I was going to say on the phone to the berk who sold me a cabin with windows that open inwards !!!!! Then PING we had a brainwave. Ron shut a plastic carrier bag in the window to see if the rain would fall off that and not fall in (IYKWIM). Well it kinda worked and I looked round and in the bin was the "cling film" stuff that one of the craft units was wrapped in. I cut two lengths (there was loads) and we put it on the bit where the seal thingy was, closed the window and prayed. It wasn't coming through - but then the rain had kinda stopped.

Off the bed we go - thought I would have a sleepless night but I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely peeing myself laughing. I had a dream about putting some kind of pudding in the microwave for Milla and it exploded. daft eh !

Anyway morning now - go up to the cabin at 6.45 to check it out and it was no different than when we left it. We put some really thick seal stuff round the window and put dry towels in place of the wet ones and went to work (after getting a shower, washing my hair and putting my face on that is !) It's raining. So to calm myself I started knitting in the van on the way to work !!!!!!

Now - did it rain in East Sussex I hear you ask. Rain, it was pouring. Instead of going straight home HE decides he wants to go shopping. Shopping we go. We come out of ASDA and it is absolutely torrential. We run to the van, we and the shopping get soaked. We drive through flooded roads etc etc etc. The nearer home we get the more sick I feel.

Right we are home now. Get out of wet clothes, get the freezer stuff in the freezer, grabbed the torch and dry towels, put on coat (with hood) and open the cabin door. I screamed my head off and cried. IT WAS BONE DRY !!!

I apologise profusely now to those of you who are/have been flooded in your homes. I know I am acting like a spoilt child but I can't help it. This cabin has cost me a lot of money and a lot of heartache to get it (bit dramatic the last bit but me mates know what I mean!) and I want it to be just the business. Sorry guys.

Oh BTW if I still have your attention I have some GOOD news. I won some blog candy over on Devotion to the Dream. Thanks Emma. How exciting is that ! Must be beginners luck !!!!

Going now
Burnice x

Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Decided I would go into the Cabin tonight and sort some more stuff out. Unlocked the door, turned the light on, put me tea down ONTO A WET PATCH. The worktop was soaked AGAIN. Oh No I groaned (honest I did - surprised me too!). I picked up the phone, pressed "int 2" and when Ron answered I said "I'm leaking". The flamin' windows are letting in water AGAIN. I am sooooo pee'd off with the bloody things. I had the lovely birthday book that Lesley made me on the worktop (sorry me dear!). As you can probably guess Burn wasn't very happy. I dried everything off and Ron put MORE sealant around the window and now I would like all me blog buddies to keep their fingers crossed that it don't 'appen again!!! We had this once before but there was nothing in the cabin at the time but the carpet got soaked.

After I had tidied up I made a card - wahayyy ! Don't like it mind but at least I made one !!! Ron came up with a cup of tea and he sat in the "not wine" sofa and read his paper. We were in there for about an hour. Listening to Radio Gold and singing along to all the oldies.

I am enjoying this blogging lark. I think it is becoming a bit addictive! I can't stop blog hopping.

Right best get on with my knitting.

Burnice x

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Evenin' all. I have been a very busy bee today moving my crafty stuff from my OLD craft room to my NEW craft room aka The Cabin with the help of my friend Caroline. We had to walk 90 foot from the cabin to the back door, through the kitchen, along the hall, through my bedroom and up the stairs to the old crafty place. Pick up bags and boxes etc and go back down the stairs, back through the bedroom, back along the hall, back through the kitchen and then the 90 foot to the Cabin. Caroline was a great help. Here she is sorting out the inks. We did two or three trips and then I got bored doing that. We had a few cups of tea and double choc chip cookies. Scrummy. After we tidied up a bit we then did some stamping. We (well Caroline did!) stamped out loads of magnolia images. They just need colouring in now. Don't the units look cool.

Now would you like to see the brick red not wine sofa - here it is and the chair ! Cushion looks okay though doesn't it. Sorry for the blurry chair. I don't think the chair is going to stay in the Cabin. I think it will end up in the room we are doing out for Milla (granddaughter). We'll see.
Can't quite get the pics and writing right yet - practice makes perfect.
We have had no mishaps today (lol). Mind you there is still a couple of hours before I go to me bed!
See y'all tomorrow!
Burnice x

Saturday, 3 October 2009


I have now come to terms with the "not wine sofa" and have embraced the "brick red" one!!! All happy in the Lindeck household. In fact I have found a cushion in the same colour I made a couple of years ago that matches. If it's only for that reason, I will keep them. The cushion is the first thing I quilted and wot gave me the quilting bug!
The craft racks arrived yesterday afternoon. They are just hunky dorey - no probs with these so no bonfire tonight (anyway it's too wet for a bonfire so that would probably have pee'd me off!). Here is the link I have bought the 12x12 paper stacker, the triple ink rack, the triple multi, and a double one with ink pad storage on one side. They are fandabbydozy! Deby is a delight to chat to. Ron is going to screw them to the wall so I can fill them up. Hopefully he will do it this afternoon whilst I am at my "stitch club". I will take some pics of it all then.
Well best go and put me face on ready for my girls. Be back later.
Burnice x

Friday, 2 October 2009


....when you get a Jodie Tub Sofie and free matching chair from Homebase - that's when!! Burn woke up all excited this morning (nothing to do with OH!!!!) because she had the little sofa coming for the big cabin. Got a phone call at 8.15 to say they would be 45 mins or so. Oooh she thinks. Well 10.00 comes and the doorbell rings. YAYEEE sofa. I opened the door and then did a double take. This delivery chap has got to be at least 6' 8" (honest) and a bit on the wide side to go with it. He ducks coming in and I sign the delivery form. He brings in the chair. Goes back to the van and brings in the sofa. Burn spots the colour through the wrapping. THAT'S NOT WINE she thinks - but steady on Burn it may be the fact that it is wrapped in plastic etc etc. Big delivery man goes away and Burn tears open the wrapping. BURN HAS A FIT. It's not wine. It's a brick red. Now don't get me wrong, I lurve red and I actually have brick red coloured stools in my kitchen, BUT I wanted wine. AND it don't stop there - it is in a completely different fabric. I thought I was having a "deck chair" type (but not as course) fabric (in wine!) but I have got a suedy type of fabric in "brick red". I apologise at this stage for all of you out there with brick red suedy type sofas but at perhaps a different stage in my life I would embrace the brick red suedy type sofa BUT NOT RIGHT NOW !!!! To compound my dilema I bought in Exeter (when I went to see my lovely friend Lesley) 4 metres of a winey/raspberry coloured fabric with white spots on it to make curtains for the cabin (more tales about that to come - I promise you!) with enough to maybe make some cushions for my WINE coloured sofa. Huh!
It is now 11.21 and I have had a cup of tea and calmed down a bit (just a bit). I have talked myself into keeping the brick red coloured sofa (even though I would have preferred the wine one!). I have decided that maybe that colour would be softer in the cabin. (ooh just had to stop there and listen to Hero by Beyonce on my Nano - just love that song). There, feeling much more mellow now. I will take some pics when it's in situ. I have an "air forcey blue" carpet in the cabin - the sofa better go with it. Oooh mellow didn't last long did it.
I have some Inkylicious craft units coming today too - they better be okay otherwise I feel a bonfire coming on!!!!!!
Well I shall love and leave you now while I go and do some boxing on the Wii to vent my frustrations.
P.S - it could only happen to me!
PPS - just a quick thank you to my FOUR followers - really excited about this blogging now. A special big thankyou to Lesley for giving me the "big up" on her blog. My next challenge is the "link".....................

Thursday, 1 October 2009


I have finally made it to Blogland with the help of my friend, Lesley. I'll link to her blog another day - one step at a time ! I hope you enjoy my blogspeak......
I have been to my first BSL (British Sign Language) lesson tonight. It was very daunting. I can sign my name, ask how you are, say hello and goodbye and say thankyou. If nothing else I'll be polite !!!! Actually can't wait until next week now. It goes on for a whole "school year". I get half terms, xmas and easter hols - shame I have to work as well !! I will keep you updated with my progress - how, I don't know, but I will find a way! We do get a qualification at the end. Cool eh?
I did another first last weekend too. I drove to Exeter from home (174 miles). This may not seem like a big deal to many of my fellow bloggers but the furthest I have driven on my own is 20 odd miles!!!! Get it now ! I have never had to really cos I have some fab friends who drive for me (cos I was not liking the driving much!) and a husband who just drove !!!! The trouble with getting there was I had to come home. I did feel a bit 'icky before I left but it soon disappeared. I stopped twice on the way up and once on the way back - got a bit cocky!!! I must say I did feel a bit proud of meself.
The reason for going to Exeter was to go to a craft show at Westpoint. Spent too much money but got to see Lesley and her hubby, Ed. He cooked Saturday and Sunday - my kinda guy - AND bought me some Green and Blacks chocky ice cream. Ooooh lovely! Me liking chocky ice cream.
Well that's it for my first post. Hope it's okay and I'll be back......................................