Monday, 31 December 2012

Last showoffs for 2012!!

2012 - 10 hours to go and it will be 2013.      Let's hope I keep up with the blog.  I have made a note for myself - "BLOG MORE"!!     I have also decided (again) to finish one thing before I start another - wonder how long that will last!    
As promised yesterday here are some pics of Milla's birthday skating party.  Unfortunately they are not too good cos I used my IPod and it was getting darker so they used ultra violet lighting!    She went on to Pizza Express but Grandad and I weren't allowed to go to that.   Even her mum and dad had to sit at a different table!!!!
Milla is the young lady in the photo on her own.

We can't believe she is 12 now (going on 22)!!   

Here are the pictures of the journal that Sam sent me for Christmas.   I love it.   I think the front cover is done with tissue and some glue.    I love all the different papers used for the pages.     As you can see I have already started scribbling in it!   The little verses are what I write at the beginning of all the books in which I verbally chit chat to myself.

As a last pic for 2012 I thought you might like to see the little egg cosies I made for DS2 and his partner.   Aren't they just the cutist.     I may even make some more as there is a pattern for an aran jumper.....  He took the egg cup too.   We bought it in Devon at a Haven Holiday Camp.   We had to have his name especially piro thingied onto it because it's spelt KRISTOFER.......   I found it in a cupboard the other day and he laughed when I gave it to him.     He wouldn't let me show his name when I took the pictures.  don't know why but hey that's Kris.
Right I'm off now to sort out the folders on the lappy in readiness for 2013, so it just leaves me to say I hope all my bloggy friends in blogland have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.    I say this because I wouldn't wish anything on my friends that I wouldn't wish on myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Burnice xx

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well that's that for another year!!!!

It took months to prepare for and one day to unwrap, eat and drink!!!!!    I have had a great time, Ron and I on Christmas day (and we didn't argue!), Peter and Milla on Boxing day (don't think we argued that day either!) and Kris came down on Thursday, stayed overnight and back to London on Friday. He jetted off to Japan yesterday to go snowboarding - how the other half lives!   
I had some lovely pressies from my crafting (and non crafting) buddies.    Milla gave me this fabulous kilner jar with a Cranberry & Raisin Flapjack Mix inside it.   It's all packaged up by a company called Mummy's Yummies.     They do a fabulous range of jars and boxes. Don't know what shop she got it from tho'.
I also did some Christmas baking myself!  I made a Yule Log which consisted of a chocolate sponge log bit, filled with Nutella (what else?).  The topping was made from white chocolate, icing sugar and double cream.   It was bloomin' scrummy.   Then I looked at the calorie count bit on the recipe and apparently it's 500 odd calories per slice.  I cut in half and took one half to work and gave the other half to my hairdresser who has worked wonders with my locks this past year!   God it did taste fab I must say!
I also had a lovely hand made book from Sam but haven't photographed it yet.  I'll blog that tomorrow.  Pip the Elf found his way to Sam's as a little gift from moi along with a couple of green crocheted skulls!
Right off up to the cabin now to make a birthday card for Milla (she's 12 today - urggg!) and we are off to the skating rink thingy down at the Royal Pavilion where she is skating with some friends and then they are off to Pizza Express!  I have been allowed to go to the skating but NOT to Pizza Express!!!  Bless!
Sees yer tomorrow guys.
Burnice x

Friday, 14 December 2012

Little bag for Sophia....

Sophia is the granddaughter of my pal up the road!    You may remember the quilt I made for her and the little pink dress and coat!  This time, Sue, her nanny, gave me a little jute bag (which started out life in the garden centre with bulbs in) and asked if I could do something with it.     I had originally decided to make a Sun Bonnet Sue to go on the front, but I complicated it far too much (which is a thing I tend to do) and because I had done that I kept putting it off!    Then that little light went off in me 'ed.   After seeing the wreath that Linda had made for me, I thought "flowers".  Crochet some flowers you numpty.  Keep it simple you numpty.    So I did.   I found some really bright wool, which was free with a magazine, and crocheted to me 'art's content.     Then I sewed them on the the bag, added her name and voila.....   A before and after shot!   Simple things.....
I had originally backstitched "Sophia" in green, but it didn't show up too well.   
I have just taken it up to Sue and she was very pleased with it.   I can't wait to see a pic of her carrying it.  
Well I think that's it for today, Burnice is feeling a tad under the weather.   I have acquired a stinking cold and my head feels like it is going to burst.
So I will love you and leave you for today.
Burnice xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pip the Elf...

No it's not some sort of adult Christmas game - although it does sound like one!!!! 
Fellow bloggers, meet Pip.    
I had great fun knitting him.   He is from a book called "Twas the Knits before Christmas" by Fiona Goble. It's a fab book.  Pip (my friend gave him that name) has a wife and two childrena -  daughter and a baby.   It also has a St Nicholas, all the Reindeer, moon, toys and gifts and a wreath.   
I shall be making the rest during the year so he won't be feeling lonely.   
I have knitted some of the flowers to go on the wreath but, of course, I will need to be knitting tons more, cos that's me - maximum overload!!!!

Bit of a short post today, I have some crochet flowers to sew onto a jute bag.   All will be revealed tomorrow if I could just get off this bloomin' lappy toppy!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice xx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A few more pressies.....

On the first Monday of every month my two crafty buddies come over to play in the cabin.   As this was the last one of the year  we handed out some pressies.      I gave Linda and Tasha a purple glass cake stand and a Quilter's Diary each.   Also a great bunch of coloured sleigh bells.   I had completely forgotten we were exchanging pressies so I hadn't wrapped them.  Linda got hers in an Argos bag and Tasha got hers in a Marks & Spencer bag.   No expense spared you know!   You can see those items on Linda's blog.   We usually have a dinner in the cabin but this year it's a bit tight time wise so we are having one for my birthday in January.  No doubt I will find some more pressies for my pals.
Linda gave me this fabulous crocheted wreath and a kilner jar full of ribbons, button, hand sewing needles and sewing machine needles, a reel of cotton and some tape with "I love handmade" on it.   The top of the jar had some fabric and wadding made into a pin cushion.    Such a fab idea.

Tasha's bundle of goodness included this terrific book of knitted baubles.    I am soooo going to put these on my tree next year.   I think I may even start knitting them at the beginning of next year so I don't have a meltdown at the end of November (again!).   Also these fingerless gloves.  Aren't they just so glamorous?   She also gave us a packet of chrismassy serviettes and a wire heart infilled with teeny teeny sleigh bells.

Right best go and finish some of me knitting.
Thanks for popping by.
Sees yer tomorrow.
Burnice x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Look at this wonderful journal.......

I received this wonderful gift from the equally wonderful (and brilliant) Sue Roddis.    It is a thank you for crocheting the skull.   I think I got the better deal, don't you?
Sue is the master (or mrs!) of altered items.   Have I told you it's wonderful.  I will be using it as a journal - starting New Years Day - journaling all the random things I see, hear and think!     The owl is made from wood and the eyes are washers......
Burnice is a lucky lady - have I told you the book is  wonderful.
I have had a few pressies this week but I will share them with you tomorrow.   I thought this wonderful journal needed a post of it's own. 
Did I mentioned it's wonderful...........

Thanks for peeking.

Burnice xx