Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Birds and Bees!

As I said I have been knitting - actually been knitting for England (or so it seems)!    I have been knitting little bears.   They are just soooooo cute.    The patterns come from a little booklet called "Knitted Bears" from the Twenty to Make series.   I do have quite a collection of these little booklets and I just adore them.  

I knitted this little ladybird for my bessie mate, Lesley, who also happens to be my Thursday lunch mate.   You may remember I made her the blue chevron quilt (which made her cry!) for Christmas last year.    I also told her that the quilt was for the next five years birthday and chrissy pressies!   Could go through with it so I made her this little bear (and bought a mug with "ladies wot lunch" on it.  I do spoil her so......

This little bumble bee was knitted (well the first one was) for my head of department for his birthday back in July - he keeps bees.   I also made him the crochet beehive which I think I posted way back.   Course in true Burn hasty style I forgot to take a photo of it.    Then as luck would have it the chap in the paper shop saw said bumble bee in my bag  and went bananas for it.    So I said I would make him one (you know the sort of thing - open mouth and then put brain in gear).    So I did - and four months later he gets it.  This time I did photo it and here he is.......
Aren't they just adorable?
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Sees yer later........
Burnice x


Quilt for Lyra...

Here is a quilt I made for DS1's godchild, Lyra Bond - isn't that just the best name ever - you can almost see it in lights!
The quilt is the same design as Fionn's - told you I liked it.     The fabric is: Sunkissed by Sweetwater for Moda.   The backing isn't from this range - I bought it from The Patchwork Dog & Basket.  I had originally bought the yellow check for the backing but DS1 said it looked insipid.   What does he know! Not sure it worked but hey all the colours were in the top except the blue.   
I am in the process of knitting a little cardigan for Lyra.   No seriously, I am in the process, done the back anyway!
I think tomorrow will be show off knitting day!
Thanks for looking

Monday, 26 November 2012

Dia de los Muertos!

Just had to quickly show you guys this.   My craft buddy Sue just happened to mention on Facebook that she wanted "one of these".    So Burn goes into action - clicked on the link, bought the pattern, went home and crocheted "it" for her.    Sue has this fascination with skulls - well ..... drum roll ..... here "it" is:
The pattern is on the Ravalry site.   It was such great fun to do and I actually couldn't stop smiling and giggling whilst I was doing it.   It should have been done in a cotton yarn but I didn't have any so I did it in DK - it's a bit floppy but never mind.
I think I may have to do a couple more in a cotton yarn for DS2 and his girlfriend - they seem to have a fascination for skulls too.

I also took this photo for her of a cake in the window of Choccy woccy doodah in Brighton.   You should see the one that's in the window at the moment - it's superb.  
Need to go and have a rest now.   No posts for months and then two in one day!!!

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Burnice x

Quilt for Fionn

Now don't faint - I've been busy - busy going away for weekends, busy quilting, busy knitting, busy crocheting - just busy really! 
Loads to show you - note to self: really must blog as I go along!!!!!

This is a quilt I made for DS2's godchild.   The baby's name is Fionn Slabber (touch of Irish there me thinks!)
The fabric is a Moda Charm Pack - SUMMERSVILLE by Lucie Summers.   It's adorable.   I was tempted to colour in some of the images on the back!!!

The quilt design is an old favourite which I think shows up the charm squares really well.  The pattern is from Sleeping Bears.  I have used it quite a lot.

I am in the process of knitting a little sweater for Fionn.  Well, when I say in the process, what I really mean is that it's about fifth in the queue!!!

Right what's next!!!   Off to do some more "collaging"...

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Burnice x