Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2

My offerings this week:
I struggled somewhat here as there are sooooo many yellow things out there at the moment.  (and I did a yellow lemon last week!).  
What is this I hear you cry!   Well - we decided to spruce up the kitchen.   "you can have any colour you like DH said".     I chose a pale terracotta.   This is DH's version of "pale terracotta".  He didn't like pale terracotta so he picked sunshine yellow instead.  Mmmmmmm!      As you can see I did get my terracotta in the end - the blinds and the stools!!!! 

This "young lady" sits in my hall way covering my hoover.   As I open my front door after a days work she is always there with her "feather duster" and the same smile to greet me.   The scarf round her neck was made for me by my friend Tasha and my granddaughter thought "Hilda" should have it as it can be cold in the hall way in winter!!!

I nearly put a pic of DH here but thought better not!!!!  I wanted to go a photograph the 11th Century Church which is just down the road but decided it wasn't "ancient" enough - it's more "old"!!!  I found this in my archives.
It's the "Forum" in Rome - or what's left of it.    I was going to write something about the Forum but Wikipedia does a much better job than me, not that I am suggesting for one minute you didn't know what it was.     Rome is a beautiful city.   
I picked these tulips for "yellow" but some of them had these beautiful "splashes" of red in them so changed my mind.    They were picked from my garden about 5 minutes before the picture was taken and you can still see the raindrops on them.   I am actually quite liking this one!!!

Now this photo I found on my iPod when I was downloading some other pics.    I must have somehow hit two buttons - one turning the camera app thingy round and the other "click".    It took me a while to realise what had happened.    It is the the sun shining through the window and reflecting on the ceiling of my cabin.   Hope that qualifies.      Pretty cool tho isn't it (says she blowing her own trumpet - ooh I hate it when I do that!).

Couldn't resist showing this off!
I crocheted this for a chap at work who keeps bees.   He challenged me to crochet a beehive!  So I did.........       I nearly just put this pic in as it covers yellow, smile (it does me anyway), in the sun, splash (of genius on the part of Maggie Weldon whose pattern it is!), antique (my mum's crochet hook!)
Well that's it for this week - I hope you like my offerings.
P.S.  My thoughts are with Ashley at this sad time..........

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Prezzies for Sam....

 This is a PaperPlay puzzle piece swap I did for Sam.  The theme is Vintage.   I will try and remember what I did!!!  I covered the piece with some paper (Crate Paper if I remember rightly) then painted it with Ranger Crackle Paint in Pine Needles and Old Paper.   The strip down the left hand side is a Tim Holtz stamp (tickets) and squizzled with stickles.  I think I squizzled stickles on the crackle paint too.    The dotty stamp is a Tanda Stamp.   At the top is a mini word "Sam" cut from the same paper I covered the puzzle with.  There are some little flat back pearls to emphasize "Sam".    There are two charms hanging from a chain of a swallow and a key.   Some lace  wrapped around it.    The panel at the bottom is a stamp I bought in Edinburgh - I think the quote is a bit appropriate!!   There is a "cameo" on the quote which I bought (with the charms) from the Big Bead Boutique.   The flower is from some vintage lace and a little charm saying "made with love".   The buttons are from my stash.   I think that's it!
This is a  bracelet I made for Sam - can you tell she likes green!   The beads are glass and are from my favourite bead shop.    There is a little dragon fly charm at the clasp.     I do hope it fitted her.  I think I was a little pleased with this one myself.
I have made some other bits of jewellery but will post them later.
Tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt Sunday so I will be getting the pics ready to post tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tags and ATC's

Over on the PaperPlay forum I have joined an ATC swap and Tag swap.   Here are my efforts:
 These are my ATCs.  As you can see the theme was "numbers".    For the first one I just ran the ATC through a cuttlebug numbers folder, coloured it with distress inks and dry brushed Inka Gold over it.   The flower in the corner are three from my stash.   
The middle one is foil wrapped around the ATC and run through the big shot with a Tim Bingo folder.   I tore off the "free" bit and coloured it with Stazon Inks (a technique taught by the wonder Sue Roddis).   The hearts were punched from metal and coloured with Stazon - another Sue jobby!   The third one is a PaperArtsy stamp stamped with Stazon onto metal, embossed from the back side and the numbers edged with a metal thingy tool.  The ATC itself was stamped with the same stamp with distress inks.
The TAGS are covered with paper from a pad free with a mag last month.  The "flower" on the first one is cut from a piece of vintagy lace with a flat back pearl in the middle.   The charms are from The Big Bead Boutique which is full of vintage charm!  The right hand one is using the same paper and again flowers cut from vintagy lace.   The flower is also from that place with loads of vintagy charm!
I am afraid my mojo slightly left me whilst doing these but I think I may have got away with it!
Thanks for stopping by peeps and I really do hope my fellow swapees like their swaps.
Burnice x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is my very first time!   It is quite nerve racking I must say.     I struggled in that I took a few pics and then can't decide which ones to upload!!!!  Still here we go - not sure if they are in the right order but hey:
BUBBLES.  It was taken this morning after DH had washed up, hence the dirty water.   I was going to start again and make sure the water was clean but I thought nah! go for the natural look!

GRAIN - now I did take two photos for grain but decided on this one.   This is a pestle and mortar which I bought for DS1 about 5 (or more) years ago.   I have it now cos he has moved back home to save money for a deposit on a house.   I just love it cos it looks really old.
SIMPLE - I decided on this (eventually) not because it's a simple lemon but because it's a simple photo.    Not a lover of lemons unless they are in Elderflower cordial or lemon drizzle cake!!   
STITCH - as you can see from my blog I am a prolific stitcher - be it crochet, quilting, knitting or whatever I can do with a needle!!!     I made this picture a good few years ago for my mum for Mother's day.  Mother's day was in the March and I think she eventually got it in the May!!!!   Better late than never! When she died my dad gave it back to me so it is now in my lounge and I think this might be the first time it's been photographed!   
TRANSPORTATION - this is a pic from my archive.   DH and I went to Nethy Bridge (Inverness) to visit my brother and when we were out one day we spot this 1200cc BMW K1.   Believe it or not it is an old 'J' reg which means it's over 25 years old.   The chap who owned it obviously loves it because it looked like it had just come off the showroom forecourt.   It had only 26,000 odd miles on the clock.   
Sorry about the rambling and I hope I have got the idea of the "scavenger hunt".   I now have to find out how to get them to the host!   TAAAASSSSHHHHH are you there.  I think I need HEEEELLLLLP!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Milla and Hannah

Milla (my granddaughter) and Hannah (her bestest friend) came for a day of crafting and apparently they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.        They made these "plaques". 
This is Milla's.    
I cut them some mount board 4.5" x 8".   I die cut the bird cage and dress form (Tim Holtz) which my friend Tasha left for me to play with.    The birdcage:   Milla used Victorian Velvet for the background with a hint of black.  The birdcage was done the same as was the bird.    The flourish is one from a set I have had since I don't know when and the words are PaperArtsy stamps.     The dress form:   The background is weathered wood and the dress form is broken china with walnut stain for the "wood" bits with a Butterfly Kisses "Couture" stamp in black.    The cotton reel has some blue ribbon and the button has the same ribbon threaded through it.   The scissors are from a set of Artistic Stamper stamps (I think!).    The black ribbon is organza.  
Hannah's birdcage:   The back ground is wild honey DI with frayed burlap on top.   Aged Mahogany was used for the edges.    The birdcage was also wild honey with a Inka Gold rubbed on top to give it that aged gilt look.   The flourish is from another set which I have had forever stamped in Aged Mahogany as is the quote from "Da Man" Tim.     Her dress form background is Milled Lavender  with Dusty Concorde on the edge.   The  dress form is broken china with walnut stain for the "wood".   The stamping on the actual dress form is "Love" by Crafty Individuals.
As you can see I think they both did an amazing job.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I am still knackered!!!   
Hope I haven't bored you all too much but I am a tad proud of them really.   Bless their little hearts!
Thanks for looking.
Burnice x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tea Cosy ...

I have been knitting daft things again.    This time it's a "vintage" tea cosy.   I have used one colour (cos I bought tons of this wool in Aldi's).    I have really enjoyed making this.  I may do another one and perhaps line it with some wadding and fabric.  
I have a book of wacky tea cosies.   Might just have a peek in that and see what I can find!

I have been paper crafting for most of the weekend and catching up with some swaps with PaperPlay.  I have joined a 3x3 ATC swap and a 2x2 tag swap.   Never done a tag swap before so this should be interesting.   I have done the tags (which was vintage) and have the ATC's to do (which is numbers).    Having a day off from the cabin today so I shall be back in there tomorrow.

I need to find out how to do this Scavenger Hunt Sunday thingy that some of my blog land buddies are doing.

Hope you are all having a grand Easter and not chocolating (is that a word?)  too much.   
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kris's birthday

It's number 2 son's birthday today - 32 - blinkin' 'eck, that makes me feel old!!!!    Just thought I would share that with you!
I crocheted these little chicks for my friend Lesley's grandchildren.   They were covering two little cadbury's caramel eggs.  
The lady in the pic (I use the term loosely!) is my bezzie mate Lesley, she wot lunches wiv me on a Fursdee........    That's her before and after the apple pie!   We wanted it warmed up but it came cold so took it back and the chap said "you want it hotter?"  Hot would have been good never mind hotter!!!!  We laughed.............
I have signed up for a few challenges on the PaperPlay Forum - atc and tag swaps.    Haven't done an atc for absolutely ages.    Never done a tag one.    I feel a crafty Easter coming on.    I still have to finish Sam's puzzle piece too.    Busy busy busy!
Off to plan now - actually that's a little fibby - off to watch White Heat!
Thanks for taking a peek at my little chicks.     SORRY LESLEY !!!!!!
Burnice x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We've been to Stratford on Avon..

......... for the weekend.    Had a fab time. Weather was really hot (except for Saturday which was a tad overcast in the morning!)  Didn't take too many pics.    We went to a place called Charlecote and stayed in the Charlecote Pheasant Hotel.  Opposite the hotel was Charlecote Park which had an amazing house and deer park (they weren't out when I had my camera!)..   Here are some pics:
This is Charlecote House - it's a bit far away but I was going for an arty pic!!   We went round some outbuildings which housed quite a few carriages - didn't think to take pics of them!    The house was owned by the Lucy family.  It is said that Thomas Lucy prosecuted Shakespeare for poaching and one of his plays is about it. Shakespeare is thought to have satarised Lucy with a character in Merry Wives of Windsor.
The thatched Summer House was created by Mary Elizabeth Lucy in the mid 1800's. She had it built for her grandchildren.   It was sooooo cute.    Put mine to shame!!
These pots of flowers were all around the doorway of The Orangery which is now a restaurant.   They were absolutely beautiful.   Just had to snap them - as in photograph them not break them!!
This is Shakespeare's last house.   It's smack bang in the middle of the high street.   There was a another house round the back which was his birthplace.  Only took pics of the back of that so haven't posted them!!!
This is Anne Hathaway's Cottage.   It's fabulous inside.   We did pay to go in there!    Ron is sitting in a "willow hut" thingy.   This is where people would come to sit and think!   The post Ron is hugging had six buttons which, when pressed, had someone reading pieces from Shakespeare's Sonnets.    We had a tour of the house and went upstairs.  It's kinda claustrophobic but really interesting.     The kitchen still has the original stone floor!    
Ron went for a bike ride Sunday morning and I stayed in the hotel and knitted a tea cosy (well half of it anyway!)  We also went to Warwick on Sunday afternoon, but I didn't take any pics.    I really must get back into the habit.    We went to go round Warwick Castle but Burn's feet were killing her!!!!!!
As soon a we got home we booked another weekend away in the Cotswolds - Fairford........
We like going on these weekends.   We went to the Cotswolds last Aug/Sept (can't remember now!) but it was just after I badly twisted my ankle so couldn't really do too much.  That time we went to Berkeley.
Right best go and sort myself out as I am back to work tomorrow for two days and then off!
Thanks for looking - makes a change from quilts.
Burnice x