Friday, 30 July 2010

Look wot I got today!

This is a pressie from my mate Sam. You will see on her blog how she produced this wonderful masterpiece.

This is a close up of the bottom bit.
This is a close up of the acetate bit. There are bits of gold leaf behind the acetate me thinks !!!

Isn't it just fabulous. Made my day when it arrived this morning.
All I did was leave a message on her blog saying how it would look great in my cabin !!!!!! And believe me it does !
Thanks a bunch Sam.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burn x


sam21ski said...

No worries Burn glad you like it and glad it looks good in the cabin.

Linda said...

wow that's lovely! Looking forward to seeing it irl on Monday!

Lesley said...

Lucky girl Burn. It's gorgeous!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh my this is stunning Burnice know wonder you love it so!
kim x