Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ron's Birthday BBQ

We had a BBQ on Saturday for Ron's birthday.    It rained.     The sun shone.  When it rained it bloody well rained and when the sun shot it was bloody hot !!!!  Still, undetered we sat out in the garden in the marquee which we put up "just in case it rained"!!!!!!    We had a laugh though which is all that mattered really.   Milla was a star - she was a waitress, drinks person, tea/coffee maker (we had a 10 ltr urn in the kitchen to save boiling kettles all day!) cabin tour guide and photographer.  She did very well but unfortunately failed in the photography stakes on the day.  Never mind - she did have a lot to do!!!!!!

Here are the invites I sent out.   I coloured "Ron" in all different combinations with my copics.  
The  night before Milla and I made some Garden Cup Cakes for Ron.    We decided to do these rather than have a cake for him.   The recipe is from a book Milla bought in The Works.  It's a cool cake cook book.  Am going to invest in one myself.
The first pic is of Milla with my new colourful sillicone cupcake cases.  Aren't they fab colours.  The next one is the mix.  It was supposed to be green (for the garden!) but it wouldn't go green.  Then a pic of them baked with the decorations and the last one is with the sillicone cases with "Happy Birthday" candles in them.

A grand time was had by all.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all even if it did rain. Looks like Milla did a fab job baking and playing hostess with the mostest!!!!! Hope Ron enjoyed his day xxx

Shairon said...

Love the invites Burn. How very appropriate! Sounds like a great day despite the rain. xx

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday Ron! The ckaes look fab!! Sorry we couldn't be there.