Tuesday, 31 August 2010

60 little boxes

Burnice has been a busy bee these last few weeks.   
A work colleague was looking on a website for little favour boxes and commented on how expensive they were.   Burn butted in with "make them yourself Alisa - it's easy!"
After a few "how do I do that" and "where do I get the stuff from" Burn had talked herself into making them!!!
Fortunately for Burn she had seen some not two days before made by the wonderful Clair at Valentines.   Great idea she (Burn that is not Clair) thinks.   Just one great big gynormous humungous problem.  Burn doesn't have a big shot let alone the die.    She emails the wonderful Clair, grovels slightly and borrows said big shot and die.   I got to keep it for a whole week................
Alisa's mum loves freshias (so what I hear you cry!).  Alisa is doing a surprise 75th birthday party for her mum and that's what the boxes are for.  
Now for the next problem - I don't have enough coloured card but I do have tons of white card so I cut them all out of that.  When I stuck the patterned card on it looked awful.   Now this is the point where I thunked "should have used coloured card!".   Guess what I went and done......  I got out my distress inks and coloured all the white card.    It took forever and I got very very inky fingers!   A little tip for any other plonkers out there like me - use a stencil brush and not the blending tool - it's bloomin' quicker and doesn't use so much ink!!!!   
The paper used was from the "Pocket of Posies" 12x12 pad.

I layered the inside with some tissue which will be folded over when Alisa fills them with choccies.

Drum roll and VOILA ......
Must apologise for the quality of the pics.
The top right is Burn's favourite
The bottom right is a special one for Alisa's mum.

I have to say Burn thoroughly enjoyed herself making them.   Some have wooden butterflies on the front, some have sticky on butterflies and some have punched flowers with a tiny flower centre and a gem - in fact kinda wish they were all done using the punched and embossed flower.  But hey too late now!

Oh, and by the way, guess what I bought.........................

Had to be done didn't it.   It was Ron's idea - no honest it was.    I had been saving 20p pieces for ages.  In fact they were initially saved to spend at the Ardingly Quilt Show.   Forgot to count them up and pay in to my bank.   Then I thought that's fine I'll use them to go to the Sandown Quilt Festival - yep you got it, forgot again.   So they were sitting there in their bag and we sat and counted them one Sunday evening and I had £97 odd.   Cool eh!   So I went and bought one with the extender plates etc etc and an embossing folder kit thingy - the lot came to £102.  

Right that's enough from me now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice xx

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