Sunday, 1 July 2012

Volkswagon Camper Van Cushion

My Labour of Love.   It has taken me forever to find the right "bits".   My brother asked me to make it for a friend of his.   
The green is from a huge curtain fabric sample thingy that I picked up from a shop that was closing down.
The brown is a piece of linen.  
The windows - boy did I have trouble with them.   These are my fourth set.   First set I tried to use ribbon - didn't work.  Then I bought a piece of remnant satin which worked but then I ironed and they melted!  Start again!    Then I didn't like the beige fabric so I ditched that and then had to do the windows again!     The lights are buttons (really pleased with these), the indicators - well did little red buttons first (as shown on the template) then DH said indicators are orange (I knew that!).   Put orange buttons on - showed my brother and he said the indicators were oblong - pooh!    Searched everywhere for orange oblong buttons, beads anything.   DH and I scoured the house - I decided to embroider them on - went up into the cabin and would you believe it, on the worktop was this orange ribbon.   This is the reverse, there are white spots on the other side of it  Do I care - nooooooo I don't!   
The VW sign is a brad, painted with a really smelly (the kind that gets you high and has a ball bearing in it) silver pen and used a sharpie to draw the VW sign.    
Then came the wing mirrors - soooooo tiny.   I tried silver fabric, ribbon and loads of other things.   I couldn't find any oblong glass beads or mirror that tiny.    So out came the nice smelly silver pen (as if I needed another excuse to use it!) and I drew them on.   I then embroidered round them and the arms.   
Bumper is silver ribbon and the number plate is a piece of black fabric with the numbers written with another silver (not a smelly one this time) pen.    
I just happened to have a cushion pad (you know the sort of thing - you buy them with the  intention of making something for yourself with them - so I made the cover to fit it.
All in all I think it's not bad.     
I am a little embarrassed as to how long it took and then DH said "at least you will know what to do next time".     He said his arm was still hurting a little bit this morning - he's such a wuss - didn't hit him that hard!!
Well I think I have bored you to tears enough now - really should blog more and then maybe when I do I won't have a touch of the verbals!
Thanks very much for stopping by.
Burnice x


Sue said...

What fun! It looks like a labour of love....Ok you had to search for the right bits but that's part of the fun and satisfying when you find them!

sam21ski said...

Fab cushion Burn

And YES you really should blog more!!

Sam xxx

Chicken Licken said...

Truly Gorge!!! Nice to see you blogging again!