Monday, 26 November 2012

Dia de los Muertos!

Just had to quickly show you guys this.   My craft buddy Sue just happened to mention on Facebook that she wanted "one of these".    So Burn goes into action - clicked on the link, bought the pattern, went home and crocheted "it" for her.    Sue has this fascination with skulls - well ..... drum roll ..... here "it" is:
The pattern is on the Ravalry site.   It was such great fun to do and I actually couldn't stop smiling and giggling whilst I was doing it.   It should have been done in a cotton yarn but I didn't have any so I did it in DK - it's a bit floppy but never mind.
I think I may have to do a couple more in a cotton yarn for DS2 and his girlfriend - they seem to have a fascination for skulls too.

I also took this photo for her of a cake in the window of Choccy woccy doodah in Brighton.   You should see the one that's in the window at the moment - it's superb.  
Need to go and have a rest now.   No posts for months and then two in one day!!!

Thanks for popping by

Burnice x


sam21ski said...

WOW this is fab, can I have one too please!!!!

Sam xxx

Sue said...

And very fab it is too.....I love it:) Thanks again Burn x

Linda said...

love the skull! Nice to see you posting again Burn:)