Monday, 26 November 2012

Quilt for Fionn

Now don't faint - I've been busy - busy going away for weekends, busy quilting, busy knitting, busy crocheting - just busy really! 
Loads to show you - note to self: really must blog as I go along!!!!!

This is a quilt I made for DS2's godchild.   The baby's name is Fionn Slabber (touch of Irish there me thinks!)
The fabric is a Moda Charm Pack - SUMMERSVILLE by Lucie Summers.   It's adorable.   I was tempted to colour in some of the images on the back!!!

The quilt design is an old favourite which I think shows up the charm squares really well.  The pattern is from Sleeping Bears.  I have used it quite a lot.

I am in the process of knitting a little sweater for Fionn.  Well, when I say in the process, what I really mean is that it's about fifth in the queue!!!

Right what's next!!!   Off to do some more "collaging"...

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

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sam21ski said...

Oh right, so you're still alive then!!!!

Glad you've been keeping busy but it is nice to hear from you now and again!!

Sam xxx