Friday, 11 January 2013

It's my birthday.......... and our 38th Wedding Anniversary!    I have had the day off work and chilled this morning before I went into the cabin and "spring cleaned" it!!!!   I had to give it a thorough clean out because Linda and Tash are coming over tomorrow for "Christmas lunch".    We couldn't squeeze it in before Christmas so are combining it with my birthday.        I even cleaned the windows - no wonder it's going to snow this weekend!
Milla phoned at 7.45am this morning and started singing "happy birthday".  She started off slow and then started to speed up cos she was getting bored!!!   I began to chat with her and suddenly she said "I had better go now, nanny, 'cos I am kinda in the middle of getting ready for school".  Then said "Bye"!!  You gotta love 'em, eh!
On Tuesday I baked cakes to take to work.   I started at 9.00am and finished about 4.00pm.  I was knackered!    There was carrot cake, vanilla cupcakes (with white icing made to look like a quilt, with a butterfly on top), lemon drizzle, soft centred cookies, chocolate and almond macaroons, banana and maple syrup buns and loaf.   It wasn't all calorific there was plenty of fruit and a bit of veg so it was all good.   Everything went!
I had an amazing bunch of cerise pink roses from my friend, Michele.   They are gorgeous. A fab scarf from my boss and some money from my bessie mate.
Just had a Chinese takeaway and now I'm stuffed.   
Up early tomorrow to put the pork on for our lunch.    Linda is doing the starter and Tash is doing the pud.    Can't wait now.   
Ron's on the PC and it's gone ever so quiet.   Just looked over and he is reading my facebook page.   Five minutes gone by and he is still reading it!   Two minutes later he tuts and then closes it down!    He is funny......
Right cuppa tea just been delivered so I will sees yer tomorrow....
Love Burnice x



Linda said...

Glad you had a nice day! Wow! at the cakes!! Looking forward to seeing you later:)

sam21ski said...

Happy Birthday Burn. Hope you had a lovely lunch today in your craft cabin with your mates.

Sam xxx