Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Just a quicky post today as I have started the New Year with a stinker..... cold that is!!!!  Sore throat, headache, bunged up nose and everything else that goes with it.     
As you can see I have been playing with my header.  This is obviously going to change more often than not cos I likey playing with it.    It's like a new toy!   I have done it in Picasa and am quite pleased with it.
I wanted to make myself a journally calendar today but sadly don't have any mojo.   I have been inspired by my friend Janet who has made one and I can't wait to see the rest of it, month by month please Janet.  Click on the link and go look see!
I was going to take my tree down today but again can't be bovvered.  I think I will do it on Saturday when Ron is at the footie.   Peter bought him a ticket to go and watch Brighton & Hove Albion play Newcastle in the cup.   The stadium is just down the road so he won't have far to go.  Then we discover it's live on ITV!  I will watch it in the warmth of my lounge and he will watch it on the cold, draughty terraces.    The firm that we work for has a lime green board down on the pitch so I told him to stand behind that with a Mayo Wynne Baxter brolly (which is also lime green) and a notice saying "Hi Burn" on it!!!!!!!    So if you watch the footie and you see this person think of the embarrassed 30 something who will be standing next to him!!! 
Right that's all folks, I am off to get a hot chocolate and snuggle under a quilt!
Sees yer soon.
Burnice xx

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sam21ski said...

Happy New Year to you, sorry it's a stinker for you!!

Hope you feel better soon.

Have fun with the footy, don't watch it here!!!

Sam xxx