Monday, 17 June 2013

Blinkin' 'eck - it's June already!

Just don't know where the time has gone.    We've been away for one of our weekends (to Cadnam), it was lovely.   Knitted, sewed, crocheted, baked and workshopped loads.  Nattered, gossiped, facebooked, laughed, cried and been a general nuisance too.  Don't know where to start.    
KNITTING. I have been doing some more cakes and fruit.  A colleague had her 60th birthday and asked me to bake 60 cupcakes.   I did!   

Knitted cakes

Knitted fruit

Just had to show you the caveman and his pet dinosaur!!!!   They are from a Jean Greenhowe pattern.   So into her!

CROCHET.   Little dolls blankets and pillows, cushions, flowers and spring wreaths all pinched from a superb blog, namely, ATTIC 24.  The lovely Lucy is very inspiring. 

This piece has been PVA'd on the back to keep it from flopping about.

This is a "flower cushion" I made for my friend Linda for her birthday.  I have made a bright pink one for my cabin.

She is involved in a project called YARNDALE.   Go check it out.    I have crocheted 15 triangles which will be sent to her.   Pic to follow.

Sewing.    A couple of quilts and bedrunners.    The quilts are for charity so haven't put them on yet, but will do when we hand them over.

I made this bed runner for my colleague's 60th.   The fabric is Moda Lario, the backing is from Wyndham Fabrics (Mary's Blenders).  

Went to Mazelino's with Tasha for a "personalised gift" workshop.  We made a little pair of babies booties out of felt and a brooch.   The booties are not quite finished.

Feel the need to do some more of these!!

Right I think that's it for now....................

Hope you have managed to reach the end of this post and hopefully I won't leave it for another six months to bore you!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Blinkin' heck indeed!!!

But I'll let you off been as it's such a long post with some absolutely gorgeous photos of your 'stuff'

Hope all is well your end

Sam xxx

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo looking lush! Nice to see you posting again. x