Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sandown Quilt Championships

Linda and I set off at 9.15am on Saturday 22 June and she drove to the above mentioned show.   Just love this event.    There are quilts galore to inspire one (well for a few days anyway) but mostly to make one feel inadequate...........   Anyway we spent a few bob, walked a few miles and I cheeked a few stallholders (mostly male I may add!).   The only disappointing thing about it all was the lighting was crap!    

Here is a collage pic of my purchases:

The first kit is a Sewing Wrap and the fabric beside is was in the kit.   It's divine, all scrolly and vintagy and gorgeous!   The next pic is some Lynette Anderson Christmas fabric from a fabulous stall called Cross Patch.   The stuff on this stall was exquisite.   Linda and I drooled for quite a while, I can tell you!    I think we got the bits in the last pic from there too.   The next pic is a sweet little pin cushion kit in the shape of a cake (of course it is I hear you cry).  This came from The Lavender Patch (I think).   The two bundles are from Lady Sew and Sew (I always buy two bundles from them - I have a few now!!!).  The big bag is 2mtrs of wadding (also from Lady Sew and Sew).  The next pattern is of christmas decorations from Daisy Chain.   I HAVE to buy something from this stall. I also bought 9 mtrs of ready folded binding for my huge basket quilt from here.    The last little bundle of fabric was from Sew Creations.   They had some real bargains here.   Bought some more from here but can't show you yet until a certain someone has received them!!!!!!    

I purchased some backing fabric for said basket quilt but am sooooooo undecided so haven't put a pic of this on here.    I keep thinking "oh it's really nice" and then I think "don't like it"!    Still we'll see.................

I would love to put on some pics of the quilts but not sure if I am allowed - so won't!  BUT if you really do want to see them you will have to come and visit me and see them on my lappy toppy!!!!!

Thanks Linda for a fab day although did veg out on Sunday cos I was knackered....   Hip and foot pain - same old same old!   

Right off to make a cuppa and watch Graham Norton on catch up!

Laters and thanks for popping by.


sam21ski said...

Glad you had a great day, have to say, you were very restrained with your purchases!!!

Hope all is well your end

Sam xxx

Linda said...

That's a great post Burn! Really had a great time, so glad we went:)

Chicken Licken said...

Oooo nicey nicey. Love that green and red bundle! Can't wait to see and stroke IRL! Sorry I missed it,