Friday, 5 March 2010

BSL Assessment

Well it happened yesterday evening. I went first, cos I knew if I hang around too long I would get soooo nervous I would probably have been sick!!! So in I go. sit in front of the camera and away we go. Get through the "hellos" and then Paul asked me my name and I fingerspelt it wrong !!!! That was only 30 seconds in!!!! Still got over that and then it went very smoothly indeed - I think! Next one in May. Then we have to hold a five minute conversation on our chosen subject!

I have put in the side bar a fabulous giveaway from The Stamp Man.

I think these new colours are fantastic. will have to get them all (assuming I don't win!) cos I just can't make up my mind......

Just watched yesterdays "Five Days". Really liking this. Last one in five minutes so see you tomorrow folks.

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x


Linda said...

well done on the assessment Burn!

Lesley said...

Well done Burn. You're doing so well - keep it up!
Lesley x