Monday, 1 March 2010

Meet Dave !

After a tearful fairwell to my Laguna I would like to introduce you to Dave. He's called Dave because it's St David's Day. My brother calls it "Quaver" short for "Semi-quaver" because it's a Nissan Note. My end up calling it quaver, don't know yet.
It drives like a dream, the steering is so whatchacallit that I have to be careful cos we nearly went back the way we came when I turned a corner !!!!! It's a bit of a darker red that the pic but the sun was shining soooooooooo much! Just have to be careful I don't put my new phone on the roof cos I might not see it !!!!!

Actually looking at the pic it looks like there is a massive dent down the side - but there aint I can assure you.

Well that's enough showing off now - sorry but I have never had a brand new car before or a red phone ! Burnice you are sooooo shallow.

BTW Caroline if you are reading this, did I tell you it has in built sat nav!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for stopping by peeps.

Burnice x


Chicken Licken said...

Ooo Burn that is very very posh! You deserve it! x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh this is so great to meet Dave!
Enjoy your happy driving time!
kim x

Linda said...

way 2 go Burn! Can't wait to have a ride in Dave!!!

sue law said...

LOL Burn! I told you it was catching! Fancy a day trip in Dave to Stamp Attic in Wantage in May...Zoe's organizing a Tanda forum meet with Dr Babs?

Lesley said...

Welcome DAVE!!!!! And very smart he looks too!

Clair said...

Oooohhhh...very smart indeed!!! xxx