Monday, 15 March 2010

A couple of swaps !

Over on the Lots To Do forum we do a board book swap. The theme for this one was "blue" - think I got that bit right!!!!!! I hope my recipient likes it. I could have sold it 10 times! In fact I nearly kept it myself and did another one .................... Off to start the next one now!

We are also doing an ATC swap using this technique. It is using PVA glue and alcohol inks. I must admit I did have two goes at it and am still not quite sure but they are done now.

Lets hope my swapees like these too.
Right must go now cos I have been handed the fabric today to make the curtains for Mr Gordon's boat. My sample one was just dandy! Now where did I put my rotary cutter.....
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Fab stuff Burn - hope you're ok, haven't heard from you for a while

I'm sure your swapees will love what they get and likewise

Have fun with the fabric - I'm just getting to grips with a handheld sewing machine!!!!


crafty creations said...

Fantastic work Burn and I'm sure whoever gets them will be thrilled

Hugs Hilda