Monday, 19 April 2010

Spare a thought..........

...... for Esther and Milla. They are stuck in Dubai having been in Thailand for a holiday. Long story but they have been in Dubai since last Thursday. It is costing them a bloody fortune. £6 for a bowl of chips !!! Anyway to cut a long story short they were booked on a flight on Thursday to fly to the uk. Esther did this as soon as she got to the airport last week. She phoned today to double check it would be okay etc and they said she and Milla weren't booked on the flight. They were on a standby!!!! Now they can't get a flight until 13 May. We (that's Peter, me and Esther) keep ringing a number in Dubai to try and get them on any plane to the UK within the next week. She is holed up in a hotel (which she is having to pay for). Fortunately there is a cooker etc in their room so at least she can cook for herself and not have to eat out all the time.

I bet the poor girls heart sank when she was told she wasn't on that flight. I nearly cried so god knows what she did.

She is a teacher and was supposed to be back at work today (along with thousands of other teachers and pupils stranded).

It is all very stressful and I can't concentrate on anything.

I had my first workshop on Saturday. My friend Caroline and her mum came over. We covered a box in sticky backed metal with shapes underneath. Here is the one I did as an example. There is far too much on the lid but I wanted to show them what they could have and what it would look like !

Caroline and I went to the Craft Barn yesterday afternoon to do a copics class. I bought set D!!! That's them all now..........
I also bought Tim Holtz's pad called Shabby Vintage. It's absolutely bloomin' gorgeous. I also bought some felt pads for my alc. inks, some magnetic sheets for my nesties, some cut and dry and some Bo Bunny paper for my word book for Red... £100 gone just like that !!!!!

I apologise for the first part of the post. I appreciate there are hundreds of others in the same position. In fact at work we have one in New York, one in St Lucia and one in Spain. One of the docs at our surgery is stuck in Australia - so it could be worse.

Thanks for listening and popping by....

Burnice x


Shairon said...

Oh poor Burn and poor family! What a dreadful worry for you all. I hope they get back very soon. Don't know how you managed to concentrate on your workshop but maybe it took your mind of things for a short while. The box is fabulous and I'm green that you have all the Copics! Really miss your posts on LTD! xx

sue law said...

Poor Ester and Milla...I hope they manage to find a flight back soon.

You are going to love the copics! I prefer them to promarkers..make sure you have C1 in your set...I use it all the time!


Linda said...

Poor Esther and Milla! Hope they get home soon :( Maurice's brother is stuck in Australia - good job we didn't go to nephew's wedding out there! Love the box!! And the copics!!

sam21ski said...

Oh gosh Burn, I'm so sorry to hear that Ester and Milla are stuck in Dubai, that is terrible that they can't get on a flight until May, it's disgusting.

Ooooh that Tim paper looks fab doesn't it, can't wait to see what you do with it.

Lesley said...

May 13th!!!! Good grief. I do hope they can come back much earlier than that Burn. Thinking of you all.

Sandra said...

Wonderful Metal work! Hope Milla and Esther get home safely soon.
(love the Tim Holtz pad you bought.... hmmm another one for my wishlist)
Have a great weekend.
Sandra x

Chicken Licken said...

Burn that's awful to have to wait that long...Poor Esther and Milla. Let's hope they can get home sooner than that. x