Sunday, 25 April 2010

The decking's done!

Whilst I went to my friend Kim's yesterday Mr L did my decking. All it needs now is a rail to stop me from coming off the edge. I have trouble walking on it at the moment because the slats go width ways and as I suffer from vertigo when I walk on it I veer to the edge cos my brain is following the line of the boards!!!!! Could only happen to me eh!! I did sit at the table in the sun knitting but I was hanging on to the cabin for dear life !!!!
Wasn't it lovely and sunny yesterday.

Been up in the cabin today (it's been raining and misty) cuttin fabric to make a bag and a quilt. Got the sewing bug after my friend Maureen popped round on Friday to cut out her bag.

Trouble is I have tons of other stuff to do first!

Best go and get Mr L some dinner..............

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x


Linda said...

woohoo! Well done Ron! Looking fabby Burn, can't wait to come over and see it for real.

Janet Baldwin said...

The decking looks just great Burn. Well done to Ron... Looking forward to sharing some sun and a cup of tea at that table in the picture!

Lesley said...

Ron's done a good job there Burn. Looking good.

sue law said...

Wish my Mr L was that good! Here's looking forward to lovely warm summer evenings when you can sit out and craft on your deck!

crafty creations said...

Fantastic !!! he's done a brilliant job - be great to just sit and chill there xx Hilda