Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hi - it's meeeeeeeee!

Hi peeps - bet you thought I had emigrated - fraid not, still here. Just been a tad quiet and busy, busy (crafting!)

I have had a few commissions and I have been sewing. I have made the front of a quilt, half a bag and half a tea cosy!!!!

Today Caroline and I went to Crafts U Love and met (AT LONG BLEEDIN' LAST!) the wonderful Kim Piggott Had a fantastic day learning to paint with the distress inks. Here are my efforts:

This first one is using brushed courdory and black soot; the face is antique linen and tattered rose; the dress is weathered wood; the petticoat is victorian velvet as are the socks; the shoes are very very pale black soot.
This one is same colours for hair and face; victorian velvet for dress and very pale victorian velvet for socks and shoes.
This one is same for hair and face with barn door for the dress etc. Went a bit over the top with the shoes tho'. Practice, practice, practice..........
I have to day I am just sooooo chuffed with meself and would like to thank Kim very very much for her patience and guidance. Can't wait to meet her again.
I went to the Artsycraft weekend 8/9 May and made some fabulous stuff - can't show it tho until tomorrow as there is another one this weekend. Watch this space - hopefully for not as long as the last time I posted.
Great to be back!
See you tomorrow.
Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Corrrrrr Blimey is it really YOU!!!

Told you you'd love it, right up your street, now you know why I didn't!!!!

And besides the fact that you're look fab and mine didn't - lol

Glad you finally got on a class and had a fab time xxxxx

Treacle said...


Your welcome. Don't forget to come and visit me again soon


Kim Piggott said...

Oh Burnice it was so very lovely to meet you and Caroline at last! Such a pleasure to meet you both and thank you so very much for coming I really loved my day with you both!
Your work is just so amazing!
Tilda looks totally perfect,your colouring is so beautiful! So loving all your different colour combos.
Thanks again for such a wonderful day!
kim x

Mrs Wonka said...

Ohhhh looks like you had fun! The images look fab!

The Crafting Cook said...

These are gorgeous Burnice- was a pleasure to meet you today. Love all of these- will we be seeing more on your blog??
Teresa xx

The Crafting Cook said...

Forgot to say-Love the craft cabin- am so envious of you having such a wonderful area to craft to your hearts delight!!
Teresa x