Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Artsycraft Weekend goodies!

First of all I'll say that Caroline and I had an absolutely wonderful amazing time. Leandra and Lin were fab - as usual. Also a big thanks to Jo and Lynne for all your input. Thanks to Karen too for taking all my money (Ron hasn't half got the 'ump with you for serving me!!!).......

Anyway - first of all we did "Secret Garden"..... This is my tissue rose at the top. It was great fun scrunching it up into a ball and then straightening it out again! The little bird is made of metal and then rubbed with alcohol inks to distress him!

This is the finished piece. It's a giant tag! The tree is grey board with a stencil on it and then Ferro rubbed on to give the texture.
We then went on to our main project (saving that for you !).
This next piece was our last project. I chose Lemon and Lime - so out of my comfort zone but I thoroughly enjoyed the colours. All citrussy. The centre is a piece of metal put through the big shot with an embossing folder and then rubbed over with alcohol inks. The heart stamp is a paperartsy one (of course!) I then went round it with a black slick writer.
Now for the main project. This is one of the squares. Embossed metal with alcohol inks (I think) and an embossed moth.
This next one is the moth again (this time stamped) on a square of canvas stuck onto grey board. The stamp is one of paperartsy (of course!) I really like this square.

This is my bestest favourite thing of the weekend - my metal rose. I just love this. It is on a tile that was covered with Terra and heated til it bubbled and we rubbed it off.

This is the final piece all put together. The tiles were put onto a canvas panel which was painted black and then I painted it brown! The gold edge is gold goop. The red goop is painted on through a stencil. My colourway was Mediterranean Mix.

Tiles 1, 5 and 9 are metal, tiles 2, 6 and 8 are sticky back canvas and tiles 3, 4 and 7 are covered with Terra.
The birdcage was stamped and die cut from acetate and black card for us. The reverse was painted with kaiser paints in antique white, a brick red and a mustardy colour and then pressed onto the black card and the paint made it stick! It curved naturally which was kinda cool!
Anyway hope you like my efforts. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the whole thing made all the more great by the aforementioned ladies who helped us and got us out of many a sticky situation - you know - we don't make mistakes we have happy accidents - that sort of thing!!!!!!!
I have to confess it has taken me over an hour to do this post cos I keep watching "the Buble" and getting distracted.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x


sam21ski said...

WOW Burn looks like you had a fab weekend and learnt loads of new stuff. Those new PA stamps are fab aren't they. They look great on your metal flower, will have to try that xxxx

Chicken Licken said...

Ooo Burn that's gorgeous! I especially love your big piece....super colours! Glad you had a fab weekend.

Linda Elbourne said...

You did a fab job with all the colours Burn ... Loving all your projects ... a lot!!!

Lesley said...

Hello Burn,
I just LOVE what you've been making at the weekend - so much more 'me' than the clock we made last year haha! Would have loved to have been there - looks like you had a wonderful time.
Lesley x

Burnice said...

Thanks guys. It was hard to keep it under wraps cos we went on the first weekend and obviously couldn't show any of it. I still love my clock!
Burnice x

Donna said...

That is some really cool crafting!! I love the tissue flower. How did you do it? I saw something like it made from old dress patterns on Flickr.

I miss you on Tanda forum!!! You and Lesley. :(

Martha said...

What fabulous project!!!

Denise said...

Gorgeous, it's nice to see other colours up close. That rose really is a show stopper isn't it? Great photos - thanks for sharing x

Zoechaos said...

Seen lots of these recently, wonder why LOL. Love your colour choices so rich giving more depth to the entire project.

Kate said...

Hello its Kate from Papercrats in Elgin here. Just to say still looking for Edwin and the that your project is absolutely stunning. Hope you had a safe journey home. See you back again I hope.. Katex