Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Metal on canvas

Linda came round last night for her monthly fix in my cabin. She brought with her some metal having been inspired by Carol Cann at the Craft Barn's Extravaganza weekend.

So off we went: I had some small canvas panels which we painted. I did mine red (not surprised there are you!) and Linda did hers in a gorgeous teal colour. Then we swirled the edges with a paperartsy swirl. I stamped mine in black cherry stazon and Linda used adirondack stream. We then got some nesti/spellbinder flowers and laid them on to the canvas. Then peeled back some sticky back metal and laid it on top. Burnished to our hearts content and were very impressed with the way the texture of the canvas came through - well it would really wouldn't it as we were pressing down hard!!!!! The tools then came out and away we went. Paint was then smeared over the top and wiped off so it was left in the grooves. I finished mine off with silver red precious metal paint around the edge. Linda used blue lagoon. Here is mine:

It needs a title but haven't done that yet. Think I will stamp some words onto the metal and then place it on the canvas somewhere. Perhaps Linda will blog hers so you can see it.

This is very "clean looking" for me but I am pleased with it.

Oh and all this was done to Paulo Nutini!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Burn x


Lesley said...

Love it! Different for you! Sounds a good technique!
Like the new pic of your craft cabin here by the way!

Burnice said...

Aww fanx. Milla said it all looks very orange!!!! It does a bit - will take a newer pic somewhen so you can see!
Burn x

Janet Baldwin said...

Nice one Burn x x

sam21ski said...

Lovely Burn xxxx

Linda said...

Oh yes, we had great fun! Except that Burn wants Paolo Nutini as her son - I think not Burn!!!LOL I can think of much better things to do with him :)