Sunday, 25 April 2010

The decking's done!

Whilst I went to my friend Kim's yesterday Mr L did my decking. All it needs now is a rail to stop me from coming off the edge. I have trouble walking on it at the moment because the slats go width ways and as I suffer from vertigo when I walk on it I veer to the edge cos my brain is following the line of the boards!!!!! Could only happen to me eh!! I did sit at the table in the sun knitting but I was hanging on to the cabin for dear life !!!!
Wasn't it lovely and sunny yesterday.

Been up in the cabin today (it's been raining and misty) cuttin fabric to make a bag and a quilt. Got the sewing bug after my friend Maureen popped round on Friday to cut out her bag.

Trouble is I have tons of other stuff to do first!

Best go and get Mr L some dinner..............

Thanks for stopping by.

Burnice x

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dave went to Dover yesterday........

...... to pick up two errant travellers. Yay - they are home and Miss Milla is absolutely bloomin' full of it !!!!!! Just very relieved they are home.

Milla phoned me today and I asked her to tell me all about it - it went something like this:

We flew to Thailand and the airport at Cinimethingywhatsit (that's my word!) was outside. There were fountains and rivers and it was beautiful. Sarah (mummy's friend) picked us up and we went to a huge swimming pool and went for a swim. We then went to Sarah's house - it's a big black and white house. We unpacked and then went for another swim - it's hot there!! I am now thinking this is going to go on for a flippin' long time so I said "then you had a fabulous two weeks holiday" and she said "yes". Then I got it chapter and verse about the journey home. There were some bits where mummy was crying when we got to dubai cos the planes weren't flying because of the volcanic ash (!), Emerites put us up for one night so we found this penthouse suite of a posh hotel, there were five bathrooms, dining room, lounge, kitchen, bedrooms (Burn can't remember how many she said!), we had to pay for the other days ourselves! We flew to Vienna, then flew to Paris and went to the Eiffel tower, went to Calais, went to Dover and granddad took us to Brighton...........

Well I am now gasping for breath!!!!

I hope I haven't bored you to pieces but just had to share this with you.

She is coming over next weekend so I expect I will get it all again!!!

Ron has finished the decking so I will post some pics tomorrow.

Wonder where Dave will be going for his run. Mind you he went to Wivelsfield Green this afternoon to see my friend, Kim. Perhaps he should stay home and have a little rest tomorrow, then I can may my bag - it's fabby!!!

Laters and thanks for stopping by

Burnice x

Monday, 19 April 2010

Spare a thought..........

...... for Esther and Milla. They are stuck in Dubai having been in Thailand for a holiday. Long story but they have been in Dubai since last Thursday. It is costing them a bloody fortune. £6 for a bowl of chips !!! Anyway to cut a long story short they were booked on a flight on Thursday to fly to the uk. Esther did this as soon as she got to the airport last week. She phoned today to double check it would be okay etc and they said she and Milla weren't booked on the flight. They were on a standby!!!! Now they can't get a flight until 13 May. We (that's Peter, me and Esther) keep ringing a number in Dubai to try and get them on any plane to the UK within the next week. She is holed up in a hotel (which she is having to pay for). Fortunately there is a cooker etc in their room so at least she can cook for herself and not have to eat out all the time.

I bet the poor girls heart sank when she was told she wasn't on that flight. I nearly cried so god knows what she did.

She is a teacher and was supposed to be back at work today (along with thousands of other teachers and pupils stranded).

It is all very stressful and I can't concentrate on anything.

I had my first workshop on Saturday. My friend Caroline and her mum came over. We covered a box in sticky backed metal with shapes underneath. Here is the one I did as an example. There is far too much on the lid but I wanted to show them what they could have and what it would look like !

Caroline and I went to the Craft Barn yesterday afternoon to do a copics class. I bought set D!!! That's them all now..........
I also bought Tim Holtz's pad called Shabby Vintage. It's absolutely bloomin' gorgeous. I also bought some felt pads for my alc. inks, some magnetic sheets for my nesties, some cut and dry and some Bo Bunny paper for my word book for Red... £100 gone just like that !!!!!

I apologise for the first part of the post. I appreciate there are hundreds of others in the same position. In fact at work we have one in New York, one in St Lucia and one in Spain. One of the docs at our surgery is stuck in Australia - so it could be worse.

Thanks for listening and popping by....

Burnice x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Just a couple of things I threw together!!!

One of the girls at work asked me to make a card for her sister's graduation. Well this really did start out as a card and then because of the grunge rose on the front I thought I would make a box to put the card in. Then it evolved. I messed up the lid of the box and made two more but couldn't get it right (I'm tired now !) so I decided to stick the card on the lid of the box, like I had seen the lovely Kim do. When you lift the rose it opens to the saying inside.
The inside of the lid has her name, Susan (honest!) and the bottom of the box has the date of Susan's graduation (honest!). I toyed with several ways to do it and ended up with rub-ons! Oh and the stamp is a Tim Holtz one. The one on the lid is bigger than the one inside the box..... The grunge rose is coloured with Barn Door distress inks and the "card" is barn door and black soot and antique linen. The edging on the lid is viva precious metal paint and the other gold edging is a gold paint pen thingy. Are you all suitably bored now? Well sorry about that but there is more................

I also made this altered CD for her cousin's little girl - Lizzie.
The image is a decoupage "earth angel" with lots of gems and flowers as you can see. The image on the reverse is part of a Tim Holtz collage stamp (I think!). Apparently it looks just like her!
The little silver hand with the ribbons and fibres says "made with love" on it. The flowers are spellbinders nesties with dusty concorde on the purple one, victorian velvet on the pink one and rusty hinge on the yellow one. Just loving these new colours............
A little update on the engagement card I made with Lily and Milo.... I guessed the colour of their hair - guess what - I WAS NEARLY SPOT ON!!! Jen has fair hair and Matt has dark almost black hair - should have had a bet on myself eh?
Made some birthday cards tonight but can't show them cos it's not their birthday yet !!!!
Well, thanks for looking folks.
Burnice x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dave went to Shere today....

We set off about 11.00 this morning - lovely and sunny it was too - and headed for Shere. The reason we went there is because Ron's family comes from Shere and Guildford. We had a fab lunch in the pub and then set off to the Churchyard. Isn't it quaint? We walked round looking for Babcock on the grave stones but they were too old to see properly. Mind you we did wonder if we walked over them a few times! I just love wandering round churchyards, it's very serene.

Ron knows his place........... This is a pic of a tree right outside the pub. Is it a magnolia tree? I have found this setting on my camera that makes the background a bit blurry to bring the focal point right to the foreground. Blimely that was like quoting the manual there !!!
Thank you for your kind comments about me being poorly. Still firing on three pistons but the nausea has gone, so that's a bonus.

I have put a fabulous you tube video in my side bar - it's really nice. Hope you like it too.
Right best get on and do the ironing cos I want to watch "A Passionate Woman" tonight.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Engagement card......

On the back of my thank you cards, one of the other girls in the office wanted an engagement card. Here it is:
Not sure about the hearts down the side but hey! The paper is Stampin Up! The image is Rachael Anne Miller, coloured with copics (not my best - but I'm still poorly!). The hearts are quickutz and put through the cuttlebug swiss dots folder. They are coloured with Rusty Hinge and Wild Honey distress inks (and the edging) and then topped with Viva precious metal gold paint. It's a shame the gold doesn't shine better in the photo......
Love these Lily and Milo stamps. One thing I did forget to ask Lucy was the colour of Jen and Matt's hair !!! What are the odds I have it spot on !

Been up in the cabin all afternoon with the door open. It was really pleasant. Ron joined me a couple of times for tea and all was hunky dorey. He is doing the steps at the moment. Then next Saturday it's the decking.
Well guys, thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Friday, 9 April 2010

Thank you cards...

I had a commission from a young lady at work to do some thank you cards. She wanted 15. So off to work I went and produced these:
I did two of each one except the blue one (well she only wanted 15!!!!). It looks a bit sad on its own so may have to go and do another one of them tomorrow.......
They are 4x4 and the papers are from the Pocket of Posies paper pad (I think that's what it is called!) and the fowers are various ones from my stash. The "thank you" is a "see d's" stamp.
I am still a weeny bit under the weather. Not sure what is wrong with me, I am soooooo tired - even Ron said I looked tired when I got in from work. Yesterday I was very hot all day, went up to the cabin to do these cards and it was boiling in there (in fact I thought I had left the heater on all night/day!). The cabin is south facing - seemed like a good idea at the time!! My glasses steamed up.... During the night I woke up and was violently sick. Went to work today (still short staffed) and my friend said I probably had heat stroke !!! Jeez I hate this bloomin' weather and it's only day 2 of it !!!!!!
Right off to bed now - done the feeling sorry for myself bit.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x