Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2

My offerings this week:
I struggled somewhat here as there are sooooo many yellow things out there at the moment.  (and I did a yellow lemon last week!).  
What is this I hear you cry!   Well - we decided to spruce up the kitchen.   "you can have any colour you like DH said".     I chose a pale terracotta.   This is DH's version of "pale terracotta".  He didn't like pale terracotta so he picked sunshine yellow instead.  Mmmmmmm!      As you can see I did get my terracotta in the end - the blinds and the stools!!!! 

This "young lady" sits in my hall way covering my hoover.   As I open my front door after a days work she is always there with her "feather duster" and the same smile to greet me.   The scarf round her neck was made for me by my friend Tasha and my granddaughter thought "Hilda" should have it as it can be cold in the hall way in winter!!!

I nearly put a pic of DH here but thought better not!!!!  I wanted to go a photograph the 11th Century Church which is just down the road but decided it wasn't "ancient" enough - it's more "old"!!!  I found this in my archives.
It's the "Forum" in Rome - or what's left of it.    I was going to write something about the Forum but Wikipedia does a much better job than me, not that I am suggesting for one minute you didn't know what it was.     Rome is a beautiful city.   
I picked these tulips for "yellow" but some of them had these beautiful "splashes" of red in them so changed my mind.    They were picked from my garden about 5 minutes before the picture was taken and you can still see the raindrops on them.   I am actually quite liking this one!!!

Now this photo I found on my iPod when I was downloading some other pics.    I must have somehow hit two buttons - one turning the camera app thingy round and the other "click".    It took me a while to realise what had happened.    It is the the sun shining through the window and reflecting on the ceiling of my cabin.   Hope that qualifies.      Pretty cool tho isn't it (says she blowing her own trumpet - ooh I hate it when I do that!).

Couldn't resist showing this off!
I crocheted this for a chap at work who keeps bees.   He challenged me to crochet a beehive!  So I did.........       I nearly just put this pic in as it covers yellow, smile (it does me anyway), in the sun, splash (of genius on the part of Maggie Weldon whose pattern it is!), antique (my mum's crochet hook!)
Well that's it for this week - I hope you like my offerings.
P.S.  My thoughts are with Ashley at this sad time..........


Chicken Licken said...

Wow you have been busy!! Love the tulip and the roof of cabin. As for your "pale terracotta", what can I say other than "MEN!"

Tamar SB said...

Gorgeous! Love the sun streaks and the yellow tulips!

Nicki said...

Well done for this week's scavenger hunt words. Lovely tulip.

Kathy said...

Those sun streaks are terrific!

Karen said...

HAHA...I am laughing at your husband's "pale terra cotta". My husband wouldn't even know what terra cotta is :) That accidental ipod photo is fantastic!

Linda said...

great photos Burn! Love the beehive:)

Kim Stevens said...

Oh yes, toot that horn that sun shot is great! And love the beehive - I have a thing for bees!

Holly said...

LOVE your splash pretty!

sam21ski said...

Well done with your hunt. Have to say, I love 'Hilda' your hoover maid!!!

Sam xxx

Shelly Gross said...

The sunshine and Tulips are my favorite, but they are all great shots.

Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - I really love your ancient shot.

Ann said...

Terrific photo's & I especially love the one of the Roman Forum, which I visited a few years ago on holiday, brought back happy memories!!
TFS......Ann x

PS - I've just became a follower too!