Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We've been to Stratford on Avon..

......... for the weekend.    Had a fab time. Weather was really hot (except for Saturday which was a tad overcast in the morning!)  Didn't take too many pics.    We went to a place called Charlecote and stayed in the Charlecote Pheasant Hotel.  Opposite the hotel was Charlecote Park which had an amazing house and deer park (they weren't out when I had my camera!)..   Here are some pics:
This is Charlecote House - it's a bit far away but I was going for an arty pic!!   We went round some outbuildings which housed quite a few carriages - didn't think to take pics of them!    The house was owned by the Lucy family.  It is said that Thomas Lucy prosecuted Shakespeare for poaching and one of his plays is about it. Shakespeare is thought to have satarised Lucy with a character in Merry Wives of Windsor.
The thatched Summer House was created by Mary Elizabeth Lucy in the mid 1800's. She had it built for her grandchildren.   It was sooooo cute.    Put mine to shame!!
These pots of flowers were all around the doorway of The Orangery which is now a restaurant.   They were absolutely beautiful.   Just had to snap them - as in photograph them not break them!!
This is Shakespeare's last house.   It's smack bang in the middle of the high street.   There was a another house round the back which was his birthplace.  Only took pics of the back of that so haven't posted them!!!
This is Anne Hathaway's Cottage.   It's fabulous inside.   We did pay to go in there!    Ron is sitting in a "willow hut" thingy.   This is where people would come to sit and think!   The post Ron is hugging had six buttons which, when pressed, had someone reading pieces from Shakespeare's Sonnets.    We had a tour of the house and went upstairs.  It's kinda claustrophobic but really interesting.     The kitchen still has the original stone floor!    
Ron went for a bike ride Sunday morning and I stayed in the hotel and knitted a tea cosy (well half of it anyway!)  We also went to Warwick on Sunday afternoon, but I didn't take any pics.    I really must get back into the habit.    We went to go round Warwick Castle but Burn's feet were killing her!!!!!!
As soon a we got home we booked another weekend away in the Cotswolds - Fairford........
We like going on these weekends.   We went to the Cotswolds last Aug/Sept (can't remember now!) but it was just after I badly twisted my ankle so couldn't really do too much.  That time we went to Berkeley.
Right best go and sort myself out as I am back to work tomorrow for two days and then off!
Thanks for looking - makes a change from quilts.
Burnice x


Lesley Edmonds said...

I love that area - lucky you!

sam21ski said...

Fab photos Burn, thanks for the memories, it's years since I went but it still looks pretty much the same.

Glad you had a great time.

Sam xxx

Linda said...

Lovely photos Burn! Particularly love the tulips, so colourful:)

Chicken Licken said...

Never been but look gorgeous! Love that teeny house!