Monday, 31 December 2012

Last showoffs for 2012!!

2012 - 10 hours to go and it will be 2013.      Let's hope I keep up with the blog.  I have made a note for myself - "BLOG MORE"!!     I have also decided (again) to finish one thing before I start another - wonder how long that will last!    
As promised yesterday here are some pics of Milla's birthday skating party.  Unfortunately they are not too good cos I used my IPod and it was getting darker so they used ultra violet lighting!    She went on to Pizza Express but Grandad and I weren't allowed to go to that.   Even her mum and dad had to sit at a different table!!!!
Milla is the young lady in the photo on her own.

We can't believe she is 12 now (going on 22)!!   

Here are the pictures of the journal that Sam sent me for Christmas.   I love it.   I think the front cover is done with tissue and some glue.    I love all the different papers used for the pages.     As you can see I have already started scribbling in it!   The little verses are what I write at the beginning of all the books in which I verbally chit chat to myself.

As a last pic for 2012 I thought you might like to see the little egg cosies I made for DS2 and his partner.   Aren't they just the cutist.     I may even make some more as there is a pattern for an aran jumper.....  He took the egg cup too.   We bought it in Devon at a Haven Holiday Camp.   We had to have his name especially piro thingied onto it because it's spelt KRISTOFER.......   I found it in a cupboard the other day and he laughed when I gave it to him.     He wouldn't let me show his name when I took the pictures.  don't know why but hey that's Kris.
Right I'm off now to sort out the folders on the lappy in readiness for 2013, so it just leaves me to say I hope all my bloggy friends in blogland have a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.    I say this because I wouldn't wish anything on my friends that I wouldn't wish on myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Burnice xx

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sam21ski said...

Gosh she looks sooooo grown up Burn, lol at her mum and dad having to sit at a different table, but at least they were allowed to go, well I guess someone had to pay!!!

I am sol pleased that you've written in your book, I'm so glad you're using it. Yes the front is tissue and mod podge and inks rubbed over the top

Check out how I did it on the above link.

Fabulous boiled egg warmers!!!

Have a wonderful evening and all the very best for 2013.

Sam xxx