Thursday, 29 March 2012

Some more baby stuff!!!

This is a little jacket I knitted for my bus buddy's  sister who had a baby boy on Sunday.  His name is Stanley..............   There is a little hat too but forgot to photograph it.
This little jacket and hat I made for my ex-boss's little baby.  His name is Hugo.   I do have a pic of him in it but thought I had better not put that on here!
This is a little quilt I made for Hugo.   It was a panel and I added the squares round the border.   The backing is a yellow brushed cotton.   It was left over from a quilt I made for my sister and I vowed never to use it, but couldn't resist it when it came to Hugo.
I do hope you like my offerings today.   
I am slowly running out of stuff of any significance to show you, but I have made two more quilts which I still have the binding to sew on.   I shall hopefully be doing that over this weekend.   
Thanks again for looking.
Love Burnice x


Lesley Edmonds said...

Oh my goodness how cute are those little knitted delights. He'll look gorgeous - and very brave of you to reuse your sister's quilt.

Linda said...

so cute!

Chicken Licken said...

You have been a busy bee! Cuddly jackets!!!