Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well that's that for another year!!!!

It took months to prepare for and one day to unwrap, eat and drink!!!!!    I have had a great time, Ron and I on Christmas day (and we didn't argue!), Peter and Milla on Boxing day (don't think we argued that day either!) and Kris came down on Thursday, stayed overnight and back to London on Friday. He jetted off to Japan yesterday to go snowboarding - how the other half lives!   
I had some lovely pressies from my crafting (and non crafting) buddies.    Milla gave me this fabulous kilner jar with a Cranberry & Raisin Flapjack Mix inside it.   It's all packaged up by a company called Mummy's Yummies.     They do a fabulous range of jars and boxes. Don't know what shop she got it from tho'.
I also did some Christmas baking myself!  I made a Yule Log which consisted of a chocolate sponge log bit, filled with Nutella (what else?).  The topping was made from white chocolate, icing sugar and double cream.   It was bloomin' scrummy.   Then I looked at the calorie count bit on the recipe and apparently it's 500 odd calories per slice.  I cut in half and took one half to work and gave the other half to my hairdresser who has worked wonders with my locks this past year!   God it did taste fab I must say!
I also had a lovely hand made book from Sam but haven't photographed it yet.  I'll blog that tomorrow.  Pip the Elf found his way to Sam's as a little gift from moi along with a couple of green crocheted skulls!
Right off up to the cabin now to make a birthday card for Milla (she's 12 today - urggg!) and we are off to the skating rink thingy down at the Royal Pavilion where she is skating with some friends and then they are off to Pizza Express!  I have been allowed to go to the skating but NOT to Pizza Express!!!  Bless!
Sees yer tomorrow guys.
Burnice x


sam21ski said...

Happy birthday Milla, hope you have a wonderful day and I don't blame you for not letting nannie go to the Pizza Express, not cool is it - lol.

Happy New year to you all

Sam xxxx

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Milla! Can't believe she is 12!!! See you soon X Happy New Year!