Friday, 14 December 2012

Little bag for Sophia....

Sophia is the granddaughter of my pal up the road!    You may remember the quilt I made for her and the little pink dress and coat!  This time, Sue, her nanny, gave me a little jute bag (which started out life in the garden centre with bulbs in) and asked if I could do something with it.     I had originally decided to make a Sun Bonnet Sue to go on the front, but I complicated it far too much (which is a thing I tend to do) and because I had done that I kept putting it off!    Then that little light went off in me 'ed.   After seeing the wreath that Linda had made for me, I thought "flowers".  Crochet some flowers you numpty.  Keep it simple you numpty.    So I did.   I found some really bright wool, which was free with a magazine, and crocheted to me 'art's content.     Then I sewed them on the the bag, added her name and voila.....   A before and after shot!   Simple things.....
I had originally backstitched "Sophia" in green, but it didn't show up too well.   
I have just taken it up to Sue and she was very pleased with it.   I can't wait to see a pic of her carrying it.  
Well I think that's it for today, Burnice is feeling a tad under the weather.   I have acquired a stinking cold and my head feels like it is going to burst.
So I will love you and leave you for today.
Burnice xx


sam21ski said...

Oooh loving them bright coloured flowers Burn, she will love it

Sam xxx

Burnice said...

thanks Sam x