Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pip the Elf...

No it's not some sort of adult Christmas game - although it does sound like one!!!! 
Fellow bloggers, meet Pip.    
I had great fun knitting him.   He is from a book called "Twas the Knits before Christmas" by Fiona Goble. It's a fab book.  Pip (my friend gave him that name) has a wife and two childrena -  daughter and a baby.   It also has a St Nicholas, all the Reindeer, moon, toys and gifts and a wreath.   
I shall be making the rest during the year so he won't be feeling lonely.   
I have knitted some of the flowers to go on the wreath but, of course, I will need to be knitting tons more, cos that's me - maximum overload!!!!

Bit of a short post today, I have some crochet flowers to sew onto a jute bag.   All will be revealed tomorrow if I could just get off this bloomin' lappy toppy!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice xx


Linda said...

He's lovely Burn! Can't wait to see the bag:)

sam21ski said...

Awww he's gorgeous and what a fabulous colour

Sam xxx

Burnice said...

thanks guys!