Tuesday, 17 November 2009

4 x 4 swap

I have done a challenge...... It's a Lotstodo Challenge. I had a bit of a disaster to start with. I thought I would be really clever and use beer mats. Decorated them with some blood sweat and tears. thought it would be a good idea to decorate the backs of them with a slightly lesser version of the front! I then realised the beer mats were only 3.5 x 3.5!!!! DOH. What now. I know I'll email Sam. I emailed Sam. She called me a plonker then suggested I mount them onto 4x4 card. Now why didn't I think of that. Well I goes back up to the cabin and separate the beer mats. I have six hangers !!!! I mounted them onto the 4x4 card and they look fab. Decided to paint the backs with some Viva precious metal paint. I get the silver red down, take the lid off, get my cut and dry and then knock the bleedin' pot over. Panic, panic. Half a bottle all over my craft mat. right I talk myself calm and then find a spoon to scoop it up. Not good, spoon too thick. then I got a piece of card and scooped it up with that and pour it back into the bottle. Got most of it!!!!!!!!!! Panic over.................
Here are my finished results:
This one has been painted with black pearl acrylic paint, stamped with Flower set 1 from Tanda Stamps and embossed in silver. The 4x4 mount was painting with the silver red viva (which I lost half of - all in a good cause!).

This one was done with the brilliant Terra, stamped with PaperArtsy Clocks 1 plate. the covered with Viva precious metal Rose Pink and gold. I stuck some clock parts. Just loving my weekend at Milton Keynes - have I mentioned this before !!!
This one is the well used combo of tin foil, card, cuttlebug and stazon ink. Quite liking this technique too.......
Well this post has taken me an absolute age cos I was watching "Around the World in 80 days" the Children in Need thingy. It's finished now so I can crack on !!!
I hope my swapees like my swaps.
No time for knitting now tho'
Laters Burnice x


Lesley said...

Plonker indeed hahaha!!!!!!! Love the outcome though Burn!
Lesley x

sam21ski said...

No you're not t plonker, I now have a 'new' word - you are a donut!!!!!!

Anyway, they now look like fab 4 x 4's!!!!!!!

Burnice said...

Thanks guys.

good word that Sam !!!!

Burn x