Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday 27 November

Just got back from a pre-op assessment with Ron. He has a hernia. They did all what they had to do and then told him to go back to reception, see James and ask him for a date. Course Ron the wag said "I don't want a date with James, what would the wife say?" Anyway James arrived (Wouldn't have minded a date with James meself!) and gave him 7 December! Ron said he thought that was a bit too soon, what's the next date after that so they said the next week and so it went on.

I persuaded him to go in on the 7th cos he will have to be off work for six weeks and I have a surprise anniversary pressie for him. On 11 January we will have been married 35 years (I know - I ask myself the same question - how did I put up with him for sooooo long!!!!) and I have booked for us to go and see Cirque de Soleil at the Albert Hall on 14 January with an overnight stay in a hotel.

I thought having it done that soon will give him time to recouperate and be fit enough to do the travel to London on tubes etc. Course I couldn't tell him why but I just said "Best get it over and done with dear" and "Least this way you won't have to think about it for too long!" Also I am off work that day still on me little hols so I can drive him there and go fetch him.

Sorted then.

Off to Wickes in a min to get the shelves for my cabin now and then to Homebase for the blinds. Then at 3.30 get Milla from school as she wants to come and see her nanny this weekend. I have a sneaky feeling she wants me to do something!!! We'll see...........

BSL was good last night - did signing for clothes, days of the week, months and years. Just two more to go then break up for Christmas. This is just such an exciting thing to do. Really chuffed with myself me is. Wonder if I will be as chuffed when it comes to the assessments!

Best get me shoes on etc and brave the very dark skies that have just appeared.


Burnice x


Chicken Licken said...

Oooo Burn wish Ron all the best and a speedy recovery. Your trip sounds fab and you certainly need him fighting fit for that! Here's hoping all goes well. x

Burnice said...

Thanks Tash !

Burn x