Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm back in Blogland

Evenin' all. First of all most sorry for not blogging but I go through stages when I can't be bothered to speak!! Ron loves it when I'm like that !!!
During this time I have been very very productive. Don't know what to show first. I know I will show you the "card" I made for my bessie mate, Lesley, aka my thursday lunch buddy! It is a take on the arch book thingy I did at the PaperArtsy weekend. Did I mention that I really enjoyed myself there ! Anyway here it is :
I used the terra stuff and stamped into it with an image of four girls sitting on a wall. The "L" is the master's grunge stuff which I painted with pool paint dabber and rubbed over it with the Mother of Pearl precious matter paint.

This is it opened. The flowers were stamped and cut out. In the centre is a little jewel. The clock and bird are PaperArtsy which were a free gift for subscribing to Craft Stamper. the lady is one I got from Arty Miss at one of the open days.
Well hope you like.
Best get on with me knitting.
Burnice x


Emma said...

This is beautiful Burnice - lovely colours. Lesley is one lucky lady :D

Lesley said...

Oooh Lucky Lesley! This is lovely Burn - putting all your new skills to work I see LOL! She'll love it!

In answer to your query about your blog award, just save the pic to your computer and download it in a post, tell us 5 things about yourself you think we may not know then pass it on to 5 other deserving broggers, leaving a comment on their blogs so they'll know you've given them the award so they can come and pick it up.

Fun ain't it!!

Lesley x

Linda said...

And it's even lovlier irl!!!:):). Good to see you back in blog land Burn!

Linda Elbourne said...

Love this ... and you not bothering to speak ... are you sure *LOL*