Thursday, 26 November 2009

Kids - who'd have 'em!!

My 29 year old rang yesterday morning. His first line was "Mum I need a favour!" "What now?" his mother replied. "Ermmm, d'ya want the good news or the bad news?" "Oh flippin' 'eck" she ,replied. "don't know just give it to me whatever it is". Well, he then asked if he could borrow my car over Christmas when his girlfriend comes over from Miami. "Course" said mum. What's bad about that she thought, then it hit her "What's wrong with your car?" she asks. "Ermmmm, I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a wall!" "WHAT?" she cried. He then goes into this great long explanation about how he had not been sleeping well cos his flat mates have the heating on (he's not used to that cos we are scrooges!) and he woke up two or three times in the night. Set off for work at 5.00am or whatever time it was (he was driving to Southampton) and started to doze. He wound his windows down. He saw that there were some services a few miles up the motorway and thought he would pop in there for some strong coffee or red bull or whatever it is they drink these days(!) By the time he gets to the service station he has woken up so decided to keep going! He turns off the motorway and is now about 100 yards or so from his work and the next thing he knew he was smashing into a wall. The silly pillock fell asleep. The car is a write off. I, of course, ask if he's okay (cos I had this vision that he was ringing me from a hospital bed - don't ask me why but I did!) He said he was okay, a bit shook up but okay. He then tells me this happened on Monday morning at 7.00am but he didn't think to tell me until yesterday. Git!!!! BLOODY KIDS !

Burnice x

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