Friday, 5 February 2010

Been to the Brighton Centre..

Went to the Creative Stitches thingy at the Brighton Centre today with my friend Freda and her cousin, Midge. Bought one or two bits!!!!!

I had my nails done kinda with this nail art stuff:

See, doesn't it look cool. I had the corresponding nail on my right hand done the same. Course I had to buy the "kit" for Milla!!! Bargain at £20. I'll take a pic tomorrow of all me goodies.

Just before we left we decided to have a cuppa in the foyer cafe thingy and as we were chilling out I spot one of my bessie mates, Linda, whom I have known for nigh on 20 years. We do have a laugh!!! Her daughter is appearing in "Hairspray" at Roedean School and Milla is a massive huge fan of Hairspray and of Katherine (they are both in the same drama group (I think)). Anyway as we were sitting having our cuppa I spot the advertising banner for Hairspray. We go over and have a look and decided to take some "publicity" shots to show Katherine:

That's Linda on the left and me on the right and the lovely Katherine as Tracey!! We did laugh. I bought Milla and I tickets to go and see the production. Really looking forward to it. Katherine is a little gem.

Right need to go to the little girls room, so will say goodnight to my forum buddies and see you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x


Linda said...

love the nails Burn! Will you do mine on Monday?? Love the publicity shots too!!!

sam21ski said...

So what did you buy then apart from a nail kit?

Clair said...

Ooohh.. I was there on the Friday too!!! xxx