Monday, 22 February 2010

Girly weekend!

Milla and I had a girly weekend. We did our nails in readiness for the theatre. Here are mine !!!

I did keep it on for a couple of hours and then toned it down a bit by taking it off !!!!! We did have a laugh. the white dots started out as little flowers but I think she got a bit "dot happy"!
I suggested she might like to "paint" some magnolias instead. I think you will agree she did a much better job!!!! I gave her a load of images I bought from ebay and gave her the copics and away she went.

The two on the pink cutting mat are for a "MUM" word book "we" made for her mum for mother's day. I forgot to photograph it !!! It was ever so good. I'll get Peter to photograph it later. I sent her some mats cut from the nesties and some flowers to put on the letters. We ran out of time!!! I also sent her some ribbon to tie on the rings.

We went to the Theatre to see Hairspray performed by the Brighton Theatre Group. It was absolutely fantastic. Linda's daughter, Katherine, was brilliant as Tracy Turnblad. In fact they were all brilliant. Course we get home at about 10.30pm and madam is "buzzing". Gone 11.00 before she finally settled down.

Well Tim's on QVC at 12.00pm tonight. Guess who'll be staying up to watch it..........

Thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice


sue law said...

Nails looked good Burn! Funny story here..DD2 had a serious panic last nail varnish..DD1 had used all the nail varnish remover....detention looming for DD2...mum's crafty stores come to the rescue...isopropynol came to the rescue..the only solvent I had handy!!!DD2 then spoilt it by leaving her top button undone...Black mark at school after all that effort! LOL!!

Burnice said...


Dr Babs said...

Love your nails - should have left them on! Envy your ability to get things like QVC over there - I had to go to the net to see the Tim Holtz stuff. Everything that I wanted was sold out anyway!!