Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More birthday pressies!

My friend Caroline came over on Sunday to make a word book and she brought me this lovely cushion to go in the cabin on the "not Wine sofa". A late birthday pressie. Isn't it just fab? Perfect match. Thanks Caroline...

I made these two cards tonight for someone at work. The remit was "an Irish style thank you card". Didn't have any Irish stamps so went for the green! Not too keen but not to worry. Hopefully Lucy will like them! The green is a lot brighter IRL but took the photos in the cabin under the bright light!

I also made a birthday card for a forum buddy, but can't show that!!!!

Got a bit of a headache and earache tonight so will be off now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Burnice x


Debbie S said...

Hey Burnice, I've entered the world of blogdom at last! I've been secretly spying from work not able to post comments but have now found a way! Your birthday seems to be lasting forever and also sad to see you won't be at PaperArtsy at the same time as me this year.

Hope you enjoyed your month long birthday!


Shairon said...

Lovely cards! I am intrigued by the "not wine" sofa???? Gorgeous cushion and a perfect match. xx