Saturday, 27 February 2010

When is a red phone not a red phone......

..... when it's yellow.
I would like to show you my previous "red" phone. It's yellow I hear you cry. No it's not, it's red. Well it's red in my little world.
The reason for that is because last year I went out to buy a red phone, couldn't find one so bought this bright lemon yellow one. Hence why I think it's red. I was sooooooo disappointed cos I could find a red one so I just pretented this yellow one was red!!!! See - simples.....
THEN whilst waiting for Milla at Churchill Square (she'd been to the pics with her mum) last Friday, I thought I would pop into the vodafone shop and get a top up for my "red" phone. I don't have a contract cos £20 lasts me about three months!! Anyway I walked into the shop and this voice called "Burn, over here, Burn"! There staring me in the face was a red phone - a real red one this time. A proper red, not a yellow red, a proper red. Well I nearly fainted. I HAD to have it. Asked the young lady if I could purchase one, she went away and came back about 5 mins later and said they didn't have any in stock. Well, I stamped my feet, as only I can and threw a little wobbly. Get it on the interwebnet she said..... Can't wait to get home.

Finally got on the interwebnet on Sunday, ordered the phone and got it sent to the vodafone shop in The Mall and this arrived on Tuesday.
I can hear you all thinking it was going to be an all singing all dancing phone. Well it aint!! I don't want an all singing all dancing phone, I just want it to say hello and goodbye. It does take pics tho!!!! I have waited SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long for a red phone.
Can you tell I'm excited. Simple things please simple minds....
Anyway that's enough from me!
Best go and sort out the curtains for this boat...... Cut them out that's all so far.
Thanks for stopping by and listening to the ramblings of a happy red phone owner !!!
Burnice x


sue law said...

Welcome to the "red" club is catching....first I got a red car...then I bought a red camera...then my mum gave me a lovely red handbag...then hubby bought me a red phone (christmas before last)...then they all only went and got me a red dell laptop for Christmas last (and I'm a Leo that doesn't like rubies!)!...enjoy your red phone!!!

Ang C said...

So glad you have finally got your red phone :)

Chicken Licken said...

You are truly potty!!!! Mind you I am a purple fan....not reached as far as my car tho!

Burnice said...

Tash, they do that phone in purple too!! Wait till you see what red thing I have coming! Ooops that didn't sound right did it!
Burn x