Saturday, 24 March 2012

Big Bead Boutique....

Wanted to show you fellow bloggers my favourite shop.   It's called Big Bead Boutique. The shop is owned by Jo who is a very very nice lady!       The shop is full of beads of all shapes and sizes, charms, jewellery, scarfs of which I have a few!), wedding jewellery and accessories (the most of which she makes and designs herself).   Her fascinaters are fascinating!!!     
There is a little room downstairs in which she holds parties for children where they make necklaces and bracelets and take home little goodie bags.   She also caters for us adults where there is wine and cupcakes instead of squash and haribo sweets.    The shop has a fabulous vintage feel about it which I love.  There are old tins, old suitcases and furniture.
This next set of photos are some of the hair accessories and beads etc.   Loving the dummy with the necklaces on.     That's Jo doing a bit of modelling by the way!! 
Jo is a very patient lady and helps me no end.  She went on holiday end of last year and I looked after the shop for two days for her and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.   I was in heaven.
Can you tell that I am liking this shop. 
I have just realised I haven't separated all the pics in the collage.  Hope it's not too confusing.
I don't seem to be able to get the spacing right either!!!!
Well I suppose I had better go now before I bore you all to tears.......
Thanks for stopping by
Love Burnice x

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sam21ski said...

OMgosh Burn I can see why you love that shop.

Can't wait to come down and see you and you can take me there, or do you think Jo will let me and you 'look after' it for her for a few days - lol

Sam xxxx