Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Quilt for Lesley - my friend wot lunches!

This quilt was made for my bezzie bezzie mate, Lesley.   We have lunched every Thursday (almost) for the last 16 years... Just gave myself a bloomin' shock there!    I have never made her anything in all that time so I thought I would make up for it last Christmas!   It turned out quite big and I was really pleased with it.  She rang me on Xmas day and said she cried..... exactly the response I expected!!!
I have the main fabric in pink and purple.   I think it would make a very pretty baby quilt.  The fabric is a 20 strip jelly roll from Fabric Land and the larger border is four fat quarters of the same fabric cut into 6 inch strips.    The binding is done from what was left over.
Short post tonight cos we have had a bit of an episode.   DS1 came in having lost his iPhone - he had it on the bus.    Really upset.     DH and he got in DH's van and chased the bus but of course it wasn't there, neither were the two little sh*tes who were sitting near him........     It's not the phone so much as what's on it.  
Right it's getting late, Spurs have just scored (so DH a bit happier now) and I still have to get my face off!  
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Burnice x 


Lesley Edmonds said...

This is lovely Burn - no wonder she the way I'm now following your other blog lol! then realised you were back over here!!

Lesley Edmonds said...

...also just caught up with all your other posts over the last week. Glad you're back!!

Burnice said...

Silly billy! I did that one cos I didn't think I could get this one going but the lovely Deb got me back up and running.....
Burnice x

Ann said...

Absolutely gorgeous Burn .....and thanks for your advice on my blending DI's on my tags :D

Ann-R (paperplay & cc101) xx

Alison said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Burn! Such pretty blues! Lucky Lesley! I have a best friend Karen that I have lunched with on wednesdays for the last 10 years or so ;O) xox

Lesley said...

Thank you Burn - could not believe it is 16 years - its been a long time coming then!!!!!

Burnice said...

Good job you weren't holding your breath eh!
Burnice x

sam21ski said...

You confusing everyone with two blogs - sounds about right!!!

Anyway, back to this blog, stunning quilt, no wonder she cried, she's had to wait 16 years for it - lol

Sam xxx

Burnice said...

okay Sam - the other one goes!
Burnice x

Chicken Licken said...

Didn't know you had a second one! Anyway, you know I loved the quilt, said so when you made it!! Clever bean