Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

DS2 came down from London yesterday afternoon, and arrived at hours about 9.00pm, absolutely blotto!  He said he and DS1 were taking me for breakfast (today!).    I went to bed at 10.30 leaving him and DH having a fine old chin wag.  I had left him a quilt and two pillows, on the floor, which he had climbed into.   Kris was a bit noisy to say the least.   After about 30 mins there was a very nice lull in the conversations and I thought "yay he has fallen asleep, peace at last.  Then what did Ron do - bloomin' well asked Kris a bloomin' question and Kris started all over again......  GRRRRRR....   Finally couldn't take anymore so I went into the lounge all guns blazing to find Kris asleep.   Made Ron turn the tele down and I went back to bed.   Now I'm restless now aren't I.   I have a thumping headache and indigestion.   MEN!    
Finally drop off to sleep and get woken at 8.30 with Kris jumping on the bed as bright as a bleedin' button!!!!   Still Peter and Kristofer sure made up for last night by taking me (and Ron) to a French restaurant for brekkie.   It was delicious.    So all is forgiven.   We left there at about mid-day whereupon Peter and Kristofer went up the road to Milla's place to take Esther (Milla's mummy) out for lunch.      My kids had hollow legs let me tell you.
So here I am chilling with my lappy trying to think of what project that I have done in the last 19 months to show you (hoping of course you are in the slightest bit interested!).    
Some bits of knitting 

 These are tops for the Innocent Drinks bottles.   I made about 20 I think.   There were also some baby's bonnets but they didn't photograph so well.

 These little bears were just sooooo cute to knit.  The little girl bear was for Milla and the little boy bear was for the girl in the Nail Bar who made a fab job of doing my nails with Shellac.   She was very patient, bless her and I said I wanted to make her something and asked her what sort of thing she liked.  She replied "knit me a boyfriend".   So I did!!!!!
Well I s'pose that ought to be enough for today - think I will do some quilt showing off tomorrow!
Hope you all have a good Mother's Day.
Thanks for dropping by.
Burnice xx

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sam21ski said...

My heart sank when I was reading this post as I thought you were going to say that you was up, ready and waiting this morning and Kris was still fast asleep because they'd forgotten!!

But I am so pleased it turned out well and you and Ron enjoyed your French brekkie!!

Love the knitted animals and the 'boyfriend' is fabulous, hope the nail lady was impressed!!

Can't wait for tomorrows post.

Sam xxx