Thursday, 29 March 2012

Some more baby stuff!!!

This is a little jacket I knitted for my bus buddy's  sister who had a baby boy on Sunday.  His name is Stanley..............   There is a little hat too but forgot to photograph it.
This little jacket and hat I made for my ex-boss's little baby.  His name is Hugo.   I do have a pic of him in it but thought I had better not put that on here!
This is a little quilt I made for Hugo.   It was a panel and I added the squares round the border.   The backing is a yellow brushed cotton.   It was left over from a quilt I made for my sister and I vowed never to use it, but couldn't resist it when it came to Hugo.
I do hope you like my offerings today.   
I am slowly running out of stuff of any significance to show you, but I have made two more quilts which I still have the binding to sew on.   I shall hopefully be doing that over this weekend.   
Thanks again for looking.
Love Burnice x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Two little baby quilts going begging!!!

I have made these two little baby quilts just because I loved the fabric.   The little boy one is made from Moda Li'l Rascals.  It's little animals all vintage like.....

The little girl one is another Moda fabric - I have just spent an hour or so surfing the net trying to find out the name of it.   I am getting really really angry with myself for not remembering.   I thought it was called something like "Whimsical" but I can't find it!!!! 
The pattern used is called "Nice and Easy" by Jane Czaja who works at the Patchwork dog and Basket and who has been desperately trying to teach me to crochet!
These quilts are going begging because I just made them and am now looking for little babies to give them to or grandmas to sell them to!!!
Right off to do my nails now cos I have to go to work tomorrow - boo hoo.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Quilts for William and Zac

These are quilts that I made for two work colleagues as leaving presents.   
The first one is made with fat quarters from  Patchwork Dog & Basket and  Fabric Land. The backing fabric is a Timeless Treasure range.  Can't remember the name of it tho'.   The pattern is one I have used many times called Yellow Brick Road.   

The fabric used for this one is the blue version of Lily and Will.   I bought the bundle of fat quarters from Patchwork Dog and Basket.   I just love this fabric.   The pattern is the same as I used for my friend Lesley's quilt.  

I really love making baby quilts (or have I said that before).....
I hope I am not boring you folks, but thanks for looking anyway.    I only have a few more to show you!!!!!!
Burnice x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quilt for Ron

Here is a quilt that I made for Ron.   I bought the fabric back in 2009.   It's called Hemming House by Moda and in the form of a layer cake which is 40 10" squares.    I just loved the colours.  The backing is in black and I have attempted to hand quilt the corners in a blue and yellow variagated thread but it hasn't come out too well.   You can see it on the black tho!.    The border is made up of the left over 10" squares cut in half.     It took me a while to decide which design to do until I came across a class by Janet at Sleeping Bear Crafts.   I think the design is called In a Box or something like!   I have made a few quilts at Janet's classes.  The other quilts are only tops at the moment.   One day I will get them finished!!!!   

I also wanted to show you this gorgeous cushion made for me by my friend Linda.   It goes perfectly in my lounge.   She gave it to me on my birthday and as it is her birthday today (happy birthday Linda) I though I would show it to you.     I do have the pattern and have said loads of times that I would make it but not actually got round to it yet.   Story of my life!

thanks for stopping by.

Love Burnice x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Big Bead Boutique....

Wanted to show you fellow bloggers my favourite shop.   It's called Big Bead Boutique. The shop is owned by Jo who is a very very nice lady!       The shop is full of beads of all shapes and sizes, charms, jewellery, scarfs of which I have a few!), wedding jewellery and accessories (the most of which she makes and designs herself).   Her fascinaters are fascinating!!!     
There is a little room downstairs in which she holds parties for children where they make necklaces and bracelets and take home little goodie bags.   She also caters for us adults where there is wine and cupcakes instead of squash and haribo sweets.    The shop has a fabulous vintage feel about it which I love.  There are old tins, old suitcases and furniture.
This next set of photos are some of the hair accessories and beads etc.   Loving the dummy with the necklaces on.     That's Jo doing a bit of modelling by the way!! 
Jo is a very patient lady and helps me no end.  She went on holiday end of last year and I looked after the shop for two days for her and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.   I was in heaven.
Can you tell that I am liking this shop. 
I have just realised I haven't separated all the pics in the collage.  Hope it's not too confusing.
I don't seem to be able to get the spacing right either!!!!
Well I suppose I had better go now before I bore you all to tears.......
Thanks for stopping by
Love Burnice x

Friday, 23 March 2012

What have we got today....

Thought you might like to see a shrug I made for Milla.    It was done in black cotton and knitted sideways.  The lacey bit was put on afterwards.  Have to say it was damn hard work.   This is Milla doing her modeling bit.  Lol.

These scarves I have made over the last year or so.....  the red one is a collar scarf and knitted with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Arun (I think!), the white one is made from Rico Can Can and it's about a mile long - only kidding - but it is long!   The pink and cream is also knitted in Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK as is the beige one.  The pink and cream one I knitted for another friend called Lesley and the beige one for my mate Jo at the Big Bead Boutique.    The orange one is a snood which again is very large (and very snuggly).  This is knitted with Rowan Kid Classic.   Milla has one in a goldeny yellow colour.     As you can see I went through a phase of knitting scarves.   I have actually started crocheting them!!!   Girl can't have enough scarves.   I may tell you one day how many I actually do have.   Imelda Marcos did shoes, I do scarves !!!!!    I actually do have one of every conceivable colour except green !    I think I will take a photo of them all in a heap one day!
Okay I think that's enough now cos I have actually nearly deleted the whole bloomin' post.   Good job it asks you that final question!
Thank you for stopping by - 
Love Burnice x

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Quilt for Lux

Lux - isn't that a fabulous name.  It's Latin for "Light".   Lux is the sister of Red for whom I made a word book (which is earlier in this blog!)  
The fabric used is "Flirtations" which I bought a couple of years ago.  I can't remember what collection the backing is from.   It's a variation of the disappearing nine patch.   The quilting is my first attempt at hand quilting.  

Thought I might just throw this in - I knitted this for Sophia.  I also knitted a little pink dress but don't seem to have taken a pic of that.    She looks scrummy in it by all accounts.
Right suppose I have best go and do some more knitting or crocheting - can't seem to make my mind up!
Hope you like these bits and thanks for looking.
Burnice x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Quilt for Lesley - my friend wot lunches!

This quilt was made for my bezzie bezzie mate, Lesley.   We have lunched every Thursday (almost) for the last 16 years... Just gave myself a bloomin' shock there!    I have never made her anything in all that time so I thought I would make up for it last Christmas!   It turned out quite big and I was really pleased with it.  She rang me on Xmas day and said she cried..... exactly the response I expected!!!
I have the main fabric in pink and purple.   I think it would make a very pretty baby quilt.  The fabric is a 20 strip jelly roll from Fabric Land and the larger border is four fat quarters of the same fabric cut into 6 inch strips.    The binding is done from what was left over.
Short post tonight cos we have had a bit of an episode.   DS1 came in having lost his iPhone - he had it on the bus.    Really upset.     DH and he got in DH's van and chased the bus but of course it wasn't there, neither were the two little sh*tes who were sitting near him........     It's not the phone so much as what's on it.  
Right it's getting late, Spurs have just scored (so DH a bit happier now) and I still have to get my face off!  
Thanks for stopping by.
Love Burnice x 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Quilt for Sophia

This is a quilt I made for my neighbour's granddaughter, Sophia.   I had a bit of a disaster with it.    In fact a huge disaster.   I quilted it before I put the border on.    I really couldn't believe I had done that (even my two quilt buddies never notice it) - huh friends!   I was shown by the lovely Jill from The Patchwork Dog & Basket how to quilt as you go, but couldn't get it.    So I had to unquilt it, put the borders on, put the backing on and then re-quilt it.   Originally, I had put in some really heavy weight polyester wadding and when it was quilted it looked like a puffa jacket!   I now believe that forgetting the borders was a sign from up above, because I ironed it to try and quilt as I went and the wadding melted !!!!!!    I then went back to my usual wadding.   It started to look a bit like a dishrag but it soon perked up!!!    I also made a little angel out of the backing fabric to go with it.   I I have made a few of these in my time too. 
The fabric is from the Lily and Will collection.   It took me a while to source it all as it was an old collection.    Two of the fabrics I bought in Inverness!     Most of it came from the Patchwork Dog and Basket
I also knitted Sophia a gorgeous little dress and a loopy jacket with a hat.   Can't find them on my computer so the pics are probably still on the camera!!!! 
I do hope you like it.
Back to work tomorrow.......
Thanks for looking.
Burnice x

Monday, 19 March 2012

French Generale.....

 I thought I might show you the first queen size quilt I ever made.      It was made for a colleague at work who wanted it for a wedding present for his sister.     The quilt took four months to make.    The quilting was done by a fabulous lady at My Father's Heart.   It was a bit hairy sending the quilt to Bradford and waiting for it to come back!    The fabric is Moda French Generale.  It's a mix of a few collections.      The pic at bottom right is the backing.     The size is 88" x 98".      The top left is the top put together before the border was put on.   The quilt was then sent to Italy.
I have to say I am very proud of it.

Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

DS2 came down from London yesterday afternoon, and arrived at hours about 9.00pm, absolutely blotto!  He said he and DS1 were taking me for breakfast (today!).    I went to bed at 10.30 leaving him and DH having a fine old chin wag.  I had left him a quilt and two pillows, on the floor, which he had climbed into.   Kris was a bit noisy to say the least.   After about 30 mins there was a very nice lull in the conversations and I thought "yay he has fallen asleep, peace at last.  Then what did Ron do - bloomin' well asked Kris a bloomin' question and Kris started all over again......  GRRRRRR....   Finally couldn't take anymore so I went into the lounge all guns blazing to find Kris asleep.   Made Ron turn the tele down and I went back to bed.   Now I'm restless now aren't I.   I have a thumping headache and indigestion.   MEN!    
Finally drop off to sleep and get woken at 8.30 with Kris jumping on the bed as bright as a bleedin' button!!!!   Still Peter and Kristofer sure made up for last night by taking me (and Ron) to a French restaurant for brekkie.   It was delicious.    So all is forgiven.   We left there at about mid-day whereupon Peter and Kristofer went up the road to Milla's place to take Esther (Milla's mummy) out for lunch.      My kids had hollow legs let me tell you.
So here I am chilling with my lappy trying to think of what project that I have done in the last 19 months to show you (hoping of course you are in the slightest bit interested!).    
Some bits of knitting 

 These are tops for the Innocent Drinks bottles.   I made about 20 I think.   There were also some baby's bonnets but they didn't photograph so well.

 These little bears were just sooooo cute to knit.  The little girl bear was for Milla and the little boy bear was for the girl in the Nail Bar who made a fab job of doing my nails with Shellac.   She was very patient, bless her and I said I wanted to make her something and asked her what sort of thing she liked.  She replied "knit me a boyfriend".   So I did!!!!!
Well I s'pose that ought to be enough for today - think I will do some quilt showing off tomorrow!
Hope you all have a good Mother's Day.
Thanks for dropping by.
Burnice xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Postman has been ..

.... and look what he brought me.   On PaperPlay I did a puzzle swap with Sam.   Isn't she just the best.   She knows exactly what I like.   Thanks a million.    She also sent me some metal bits and bobs - keys, butterflies, etc. Thanks again Sam.
I just have to do her one now.   My remit was "green".  Sam loves anything green, NOT pink, but green.    She is a tough act to follow.

I thought you might like to see this bracelet I made for my friend Michele.   She has been going through a bit of a hard time health wise and a tough time at work so I thought (and hope) this will cheer her up. The beads and flower come from Big Bead Boutique and the lovely Jo helped me.   

Tomorrow I may show you some knitting!
Happy St Patricks Day.
Thanks for stopping by.
Burnice x

Friday, 16 March 2012

Well - 19 months later................

......I return!   Thanks for the kick up the backside Sam!

Would have been back sooner, but my background shrunk and I got fed up with trying to sort it until I met Deb on the PaperPlay forum.   She is a genius!   

Since my last blog I have been - ready for this - quilting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting (just learnt), baking, doing little workshops in the cabin and gone down to three days a week in my job (bestest thing!).

I will upload (a few at a time!) some of the projects I have been working on.    

DS1 has moved back in so he can do some saving and by a house with DS2.   That means I get to see/have Milla every other weekend.   Enjoying that.     Have finally managed to get her to use the sewing machine.

Right, have to go back up to the cabin now to finish of  a 100th birthday card (popped down to have some lunch and a cuppa).    The card is for a gentleman who was born the day Titanic sunk!

Well I hope to keep this blogging up (promise Sam and Linda and Tasha).   Just need to find out how to delete some of my rogue followers and all the rogue comments.  

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Burnice x