Wednesday, 11 December 2013

DAY 11

Day 11 has been a very sunny day today.  We went food shopping in the morning with the intent of popping into Matalan for a nosy around. We did a silly - we bought some frozen stuff and then realised we couldn't stay long in Matalan cos the ice cream would melt.  Now I know I like it runny but not runny runny!    We perhaps should have gone to Matalan first!!!!   Still hopefully saved ourselves a couple of quid!

This afternoon I finished the kitten mittens - now just have to put the finishing touches on them.   I will have to wait until tomorrow now as they are black and I can't see it very well in the night light.

Now for my advent pressie.   Just have a look at these -
I have lovely toastie feet.   Aren't they fab.  Thank you Tasha.      I am really loving this advent stuff - have I mentioned that before?

Right must fly now cos I have dinner to get and I need a cuppa.    

Please pop back tomorrow.

Thanks Burnice x

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Linda said...

ooooo how lovely! Warm toasty feet:)