Tuesday, 17 December 2013

DAYS 15,16,17!

Busy busy busy - chasing my own tail at the moment.
Day 15 - Sunday.   I spent the day in the cabin making Christmas cards and planning out the backgammon board flannel!!!     In the evening I made these "labels" for table presents on Christmas day.    I made a whole bundle for our secret santa at work.  Mine is from that although I have to say, I didn't realise how small it was!!!!
Advent pressie is a homemade chutney.   Apple, Sultana and Date.   This will go well with my ham, cold meat and bubble and squeak!!
Oh and I put the tree up!   

DAY 16 - Monday.   Wool arrived for the backgammon flannel.   The first pattern I drew out was 93 sts by 73sts.   A weeny bit too big me thought, so I scaled it down.   It's going to be trial and error I think so best get on with it!   Pic to follow!
I also baked a banana loaf.    The mould kinda spread a bit and Ron said if I baked a few more he could build a wall - thump!!!

It did taste lot better than it looked!
Advent pressie is two stamps.   a hummingbird and a "To/From" stamp.  Very useful!
DAY 17 - Today!   Ron has gone back to work today.  We have had a week off.   I'm going back tomorrow.  Mizzy weather.   I have washed the net curtains in the lounge and dining room.  They are now back up and the rooms are smelling quite nice!
Advent pressie is this - loving it.
Aren't they just the best.    Thank you Tasha.......

Right now I really must get off the computer and do this flannel.    Hopefully I will get it done today, that's always assuming I haven't binned it!

Sorry about the long post but thanks for stopping by anyway.
Burnice x

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sam21ski said...

Well you've been rather busy and you've taken pictures AND you've blogged, can't be bad, you turning over a new leaf???

Sam xxx